Saturday, February 19, 2005

Bad End to a Bad Week

Okay, so I was going to post yesterday, but right as I sat down there was a knock on my door. My neighbor was standing there knitting in hand. I raised an eyebrow at her. "Bob [her husband] is watching the race." I sympathized and let her in the house. Poor girl spends her days watching Blue's Clues and Dora with her 4 year old and nights watching sports. ANY SPORT... football, basketball, hockey, hockey, racing, racing, and racing. Poor thing. So we popped in Sabrina and had ourselves a girl night. And I really needed it. I had one of those days yesterday where all these little things are going wrong. It just made me want to open up a BIG bottle of Jack Daniels and drink myself to oblivion!


Yeah, sure, I know what you're going to say... "What? It's just a wall." Yes, it's a wall, and do you notice the LACK OF A DISHWASHER? That's where my Valentine's day portable dishwasher is/was supposed to go. They didn't deliver it. I sat, on my butt, in my tiny house, from 12-4 (the supposed delivery time) and waited. At 5pm I called. The woman told me they had delivery trucks going out as late as 9pm. I asked her (polietly) if my dishwasher was on a truck for delivery. She responded that it was on a truck. I then asked her if I was supposed to sit there and wait until 9pm for it. She responded yes. She obviously wasn't understanding my pain. I DON'T WANT TO SIT IN MY HOUSE ALL DAY/NIGHT LONG! At about 7pm it dawned on me that when I had spoken to them on Thursday we confirmed everything and somehow they had messed up my street address. They had gotten it completely wrong. According to them I lived at ** Nishisy (or something) street. Now, I live in a small military town. Most of the streets within a 5 mile radius are "theme" named. Meaning you live on a street by the name of a state, flower, tree, animal, etc. I corrected the woman and she read it back to me. I brought this up with the "stupider" girl at 7pm last night. I said, "could you please confirm my address, because I'm pretty sure you guys have it wrong." She read the Nishisy address to me, and I said, "you may want to call your driver because they're going to be driving around looking for a non-existant street. She said, "It may be right on the delivery slip." Somehow I HIGHLY doubt that seeing as it's now 3+ hours after my scheduled delivery time. I'm stunned that the woman on the other end of the phone doesn't care! She thanks me for calling and hangs up. No such mention of, "Well, let me fix it in the computer while you're on the phone." So now I have to call back on Monday and hope that I get someone before the truck goes out. I'm not holding my breath.
So, then, at this point I start the bath for my son. He decides to just jump in the tub clothes and all. Very cute-- not amused. I have to fish him out, and take off wet clothes. Then he's in the tub and I have since forgotten about the puddle of water on the floor... down on my butt I go. GRRRR!
Then... it's my sister's birthday I decide to pick up my cell phone (free long distance) and it's not working... my son has somehow managed to get the sim card out of place. Okay, so I turn the phone over to take off the back and replace the sim card. The back is jammed. I can't open it. I had to pry it open with a screw driver.
Oh yeah, and I had dishes to do... dishes I was hoping to throw into my NEW dishwasher.

So then, upon doing dishes I walk back to the back of the house to check on my sleeping son. I step on a crack in my floor boards just at the right angle as to sending a shooting pain up through my foot, into my ankle and giving me a sort of "bump your elbow" sort of feel shooting through my calf. OUCH. Here's my floor.

I should have put something in the picture for size reference. Let me just tell you that the crack is about 3/8" wide. The surrounding cracks are the size it should be. When I moved into this house 1.5 years ago they weren't like that. This 50 year old piece of crap military housing unit SUCKS! I can't handle it. I was trying to get a picture of the FILTH that lays beneathe the floor but it just looks white because of the flash. 50 years worth of people have been living in this house, not taking care of it because it's "free" and now I'm left with floor boards that are seperating and dirt that I can't remove. It makes me sooo angry!

So that was my day yesterday. But in better news I got the front of my sweater done. (minus the ribbed neck which is the last thing I'll be adding. (Please excuse the deformities... it hasn't been blocked and is in stockinette stitch... talk about rolling!)

This is the first V-neck I've ever done. I only frogged it once. On the left side, which is decreased with SSK. Can I tell you how much I hate it? I hate it! Whew, I feel better.
Anyway, the left side isn't as great as the right, but I'm willing to settle with it as it is.

Here is my son, modeling my recently posted dishrag as a d0-rag. He's such a goober!

By the way... he's in mid-blink here... not on drugs. I swear! ;-)

Anyway, I'm off to start a camy tank top. My brother in law has informed me that he wants "desert camy" not regular camy and another fellow blogger is making a tank top with hers... so I think I'll copy. Not the exact same tank top, but we'll do something that I can wear under my zip up hoodies that I sport in the spring time. Who knows... with indisisive as I am I'll probably end up making a skirt!
Until Next time,
Knit some.

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  1. Blogger Kathy posted at 9:56 PM  
    Ugh. My condolences on the bad luck! Don't you just hate those delivery windows? Especially when they never show up!

    I love you sweater. Can't wait to see the finished product!

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