Sunday, February 20, 2005


My son LOVES to turn himself around and around until he gets dizzy and falls down. It never seizes to make him and me laugh. There's nothing cuter than a little kid whose already shaky on his feet fall down from dizzyness. He'll get back up and his head will fall to one of his shoulders as he tries to "walk it off" as I direct him. What a goober. Anyway... I'm wondering how many times a day he's going to spin spin spin when I get this:

This is a bottom whorl drop spindle. I bought it off ebay for less than $20.00! Plus... look at this yummy unspun wool. I have wanted to learn how to spin, but didn't realize there was an inexpensive way to learn. I certainly can't afford a wheel. Not only that, but I don't have the space for a spinning wheel.
Anyway, here is a link to the seller that I bought mine from:
If you already spin and haven't looked at her roving, then take a look. She's got some Beautiful colors.

On other news... I'm starting my second sweater. For anyone that is in Yahoo groups with me, they know I'm having trouble with the yarn I bought for my intended sweater, so I think I'm going to take the plunge and try Mariah.

Alright, that's all for tonight... check out Annie May's Spindles!!!
Until next time,
Knit some.

By the way... someone had asked me earlier this week what kind of laptop I had, and I never got a chance to e-mail them back... it's a compaq presario r3000. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, and would highly recommend it. It's got a nice big screen, and runs like a dream! AHHHH.

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    You've been tagged! :)

    The questions are:

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