Friday, March 18, 2005

100 Things about me

Not too much knitting progress to report.... but I do want to thank everyone for all the comments, knitting posts, and e-mails I got regarding my elf socks!!! Through all of them I determind that I did in fact start the toe decreasing on the wrong needle. So I started a new sock... because as one woman in an e-mail so elequently put it, "yarn is cheap, sanity is not." I don't have the patience to rip out the sock and try to re-do it. Besides, my attitude is rather good about it if I do say so myself and I have shown several people and we've gotten good laughs about it. Kelly told me she could wear them as the arthritis in her foot has her toes slightly mis-shapen... I say GREAT! If I mess up this sock, the pair of them are going to make her silly toes VERY happy! I think I got your blog address right Kelly... if I didn't e-mail me and I'll change it. I was going from memory there! ;-)

Anyway, I also started the new toe decreasing tonight and think I may have also messed up in preparing for the kitcheners stitch. It says something about knitting until there were 10 stitches on each needle...(I don't have the pattern in front of me and I'm too lazy to go get it) and then beginning the kitcheners stitch. Well, I think I just transfered stitches from needle to needle until there were 10 stitches on each of 2 needles. I could have twisted something up in there. Sure does help if you actually READ the directions! LOL.

Anyway, Kim had 100 things about herself on her blog a few days ago, and I had such a good time reading about her so I thought you might like to see 100 things about me. For all my blogging buddies... if you haven't done this yet, you should... it's fun to look into yourself like this and I sure would like to read it!
Here we go....

100 Things About Me:
1. My son was "unwanted."
2. Now the only thing I want is to wake up with a hug from him.
3. I was 20 when I got pregnant.
4. 21 when I gave birth.
5. I am a good mother.
7. I love my husband.
8. He is my best friend.
9. I want to grow old with him.
10. We will celebrate our 2nd anniversary in 1.5 weeks.
11. We were engaged after 3 months of knowing each other.
12. Yes, I think that was quick.
13. No, I don't regret it.
14. I wore tan at my wedding.
15. I was pregnant at my wedding.
16. I wasn't pregnant when we got engaged.
17. My mom is my hero/ role model/ idol.
18. I once told her that we had no relationship.
19. It was true.
20. I regret saying that every day of my life even though I've appologized for it.
21. We're best friends now.
22. My dad calls me "binky."
23. I still act like it embarasses me.
24. It doesn't. :-)
25. I'm a navy wife.
26. I hate it.
27. I don't like to clean.
28. I'm bad at it.
29. But I do it. Everyday.
30. Sometimes I don't clean the litter box every day.
31. Sometimes I have the urge to spank my son.
32. I never have.
33. I believe in time-outs.
34. I don't believe in God as a figure.
35. I believe in Fate & that everything is pre-destined.
36. Yes, I realize this is contradictory.
37. I have 1.5 years left of college.
38. I was majoring in pre-law.
39. I'd like to finish.
40. But I wish I could have the degree, make money, but not work-- I like being home.
41. I don't want any more kids.
42. I delivered Zander "naturally."
43. It was the biggest rush & sense of accomplishment I've ever had.
44. It hurt like hell.
45. I have one sister.
46. I miss my grandma.
47. Sometimes I let Zander play in my room and watch TV while I sleep in in the morning.
48. I drink 4 diet coke/diet pepsi's a day.
49. I only have 1 pound to go to get down to prepregnacy weight.
50. I weight 105.
51. I'm 5'4"
52. I enjoy sex and am proud of it.
53. I don't like when my husband goes out to sea.
54. I do like having the TV to myself when he's gone.
55. I don't like to cook.
56. Sometimes I'll let my son have cookies or junk for dinner.
57. Sometimes I don't make him brush his teeth before bed.
58. I have trouble paying all of my bills some months.
59. Just like everything in life-- it always works out.
60. I have a dog. Roxy.
61. I have a cat. Yoda.
62. I love frogs.
63. Except the knitting kind.
64. I still get butterflies in my stomach when I see my husband.
65. One of my brother in laws is serving in Iraq.
66. I'm very proud of him.
67. My mother-in-law is gay.
68. I love her & her partner.
69. I think my father-in-law is handsome.
70. If I were 20 years older I'd have a crush on him.
71. I have a 4 year old brother in law.
72. I don't like him much.
73. I think I would like him if his parents "parented" him.
74. Every wall in my house is white.
75. I hate white walls.
76. I watch too much TV.
77. Most of it is Disney Shows.
78. People say I look like Reese Witherspoon.
79. I had bad post-partum depression.
80. I haven't talked to my best friend in over a year.
81. I can't find her.
82. I gave her parents my information, but haven't heard from her.
83. This makes me sad and I wonder why.
84. I used to sell on ebay.
85. I made $500.00 a month.
86. My son is overly demanding sometimes.
87. I like to sleep.
88. I like to paint.
89. I like to quilt.
90. I wish I were as wealthy as Donald Trump.
91. I like Donald Trump.
92. I wish I owned a fabric & yarn store.
93. I want to open one with my mom.
94. It's my dream.
95. I have a 15% hearing loss from my years of ear infections as a child. I, like Kim, can't hear high frequencies.
96. I am a huge Bush Supporter.
97. I agree with the war in Iraq.
98. I am aware that I am a minority of this view in the knitting community.
99. I don't care.
100. I want to die happy.

Posted by Melanie at 10:15 PM


  1. Blogger Kimberly posted at 11:10 AM  
    Great list Mel! Glad you posted it! :)

  2. Anonymous Kathie posted at 9:48 PM  
    I wish I owned a fabric and yarn store, too. But would that take the fun out of it? Our local knitting store seems like a lot of fun to me! Kathie
  3. Blogger Kelly D posted at 11:51 AM  
    Mel I was also pregnant at 20, gave birth at 21. My son was also unwanted, until my husband (boyfriend at the time) said we could do it and i never looked back! i am now 35 and married for 15 years come this oct! Nice to read your 100 things!

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