Friday, March 25, 2005

Knitting MeMe

The MeMe Challenge from KnitWhimsie
Are you up to the MeMe challenge? Here's a different take on the MeMe, whereby you put your answers in the comments section of my blog. When you are through, copy-paste the MeMe to your blog, and I'll stop by and do the MeMe for you! I will post the answers to everyone's three questions. . .

A. First, recommend to me:

1. A movie:
2. A book:
3. A musical artist, song, or album:

B. Ask me three questions, no more, no less. You may ask me anything you want, but I can decline to answer anything which makes me uncomfortable.

C. Copy and paste this in your blog.

Posted by Melanie at 10:23 PM


  1. Blogger Kitt posted at 12:05 AM  
    Movie: Susan Slade
    Book: Death be Not Proud (required reading back in high school, I've never forgotten the book)
    Music: Boz Scaggs


    1. If you were to adopt but wanted a baby, what country would you adopt from and why?

    2. What is your loftiest goal and if you've formulated a plan to achieve it, please give a synopsis of the plan.

    3. What's the most frightening dream you've had?
  2. Blogger Melanie posted at 7:34 AM  
    1. I would adopt from Russia. The CUTEST baby I ever saw (aside from my son of course) was an adopted baby from Russia. I wouldn't want a baby from China because chinese people are so smart and I don't need a child that's smarter than me. ;-) Seriously I'm pretty unknowledgable about out of country adoptions because I've got one and that's all I want. LOL.
    2.My loftiest goal in life was to graduated law school and become a successful corp lawyer. I was lucky that my parents were paying for my college education and they said I could take it as far as I wanted. Obviously my means of achivement would have been studying hard and getting good grades. Since I've had Zander my goals have changed... now my dream is to have a yarn and/or fabric shop with my mom. My plan? Beg her to quit her job and give mine a try. LOL! :-)
    3. I had a dream that I left Zander at the house while he was napping so that I could go car shopping. It was terrifying!! What was my dream self thinking??
  3. Blogger Liberty's Yarn posted at 2:26 PM  
    Movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    Book: Soup Makes the Meal (my favorite cookbook)
    Music: Blue Man Group

    1. Where would you most like to be stationed? Least like to be stationed?

    2. What extra curricular activities did you participate in during high school and or college?

    3. What type of needles do you work with the most?
  4. Blogger Melanie posted at 2:37 PM  
    1. I would most like to be "stationed" back home in KY. But as far as a US (or territories) port... I would like to be in Bangor, Washington.
    I'd least like to be stationed in Guam or Italy or the likes. Please keep me in the 50 states! :-)

    2. In high school I was on the drill team/color guard. In college I was sweetheart for Phi Sigma Phi Fraternity and in a Poetry Reading Group.

    3. I mostly work with bamboo, but feel that every type of needle has it's good sides.
  5. Blogger Kimberly posted at 8:53 AM  
    Movie: Life of Brian
    Book: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
    Music: Gillian Welch

    1. What do you like best/least about being a stay at home mom?

    2. If you had a time machine, what one time/place would you like to visit?

    3. What is your favorite thing about knitting?
  6. Blogger Melanie posted at 4:38 PM  
    1. What do you like best/least about being a stay at home mom?
    A: I best like being able to be the one that witnesses all of Zander's "firsts." I least like the fact that there is never a break from him. There are some days I feel like if I had a job at least I'd get a break from him and from the feelings of strangulation that "ba ba ga ga va va da da eh eh eh" etc can bring.

    2. If you had a time machine, what one time/place would you like to visit?
    This was the hardest question I received. But after much thinking I know I would want to go visit the holocaust. I understand that I could probably pick a "happier" time such as the crumble of the berlin wall, or the first independence day celebration, or the day slaves become free citizens, etc. But for some reason the hollocaust is one of those things that seriously interests me than I can't understand. I'd love to go back and see what exactly was happening on the inside. But, it would only be a temporary visit, right? ;-)

    3. What is your favorite thing about knitting?
    My favorite thing is the way it makes me feel. It makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something and makes me feel like I'm doing something for ME. (Which is why most things made are made for me.) Knitting gives me a break from the "do for me's," from cleaning the house, from paying the bills, from stocking the house, from playing with the little guy, etc etc etc.

    Good questions kim!

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