Friday, March 04, 2005

My Week's Progress

So, this is what I've got done this week while I've been away dealing with cars, navy submarine "fun stuff," etc etc etc.

No, no, that's the right picture. I have my yarn, double pointed needles, a sock pattern (found here) and double pointed needle/sock intructions (found here).
No progress. Which is sooo soo soo depressing. And I know that I could probably start them tonight, but that will cause 1 of 2 things to happen, either I'll be so excited that I'm knitting and I'll stay up WAY TOO LATE and be DOG tired tomorrow OR... I'll just get frustrated with dpns and not want to pick them up. So I think I'll wait until Nick goes back out to sea to pick them up. It is certainly fun to dream though! :-)

Yeah, I know, this post lacks in substance... but you need to do something to have substance and I haven't had a chance to knit this week minus the 5 minutes I worked on a dishcloth last night. WOO HOO!
Anyway, until next time knit some (for me)!!!

Posted by Melanie at 8:45 PM


  1. Anonymous Kathie posted at 9:28 PM  
    When I read your profile I smiled. I remember when I had one child and could put her to bed at night and get some "work" done. I didn't knit then, I quilted and cross stitched. Now I've got three girls and by the time they're all in bed I am, too! I have learned to knit because my oldest daughter (12) wanted to learn and in order to help her I learned, too. Now my 7 year old just finished her first scarf. Next in line is the three year old and all of us girls will be sitting on the sofa knitting and watching "chick flicks". It will really drive my husband wild! I made socks for all three of the girls for Christmas and I thought they were super fun to knit. relavtively quick and challenging, but not hard.

    Hope you enjoy your alone time. I'll think of you when I fall into bed too dog tired to do the decreases for my daughters hat!


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