Wednesday, March 02, 2005

No Knitting, No News

I know I haven't updated lately... and it will be a little crazy for a few more days yet until Nick leaves again.
Would you believe Nick just brought home his dirty laundry from the submarine yesterday (he pulled in port LAST tuesday!)? So now I've got loads and loads of laundry to do (aside from my other everyday stuff-- I don't wash uniforms with civilian street clothes... gross.) Then, our 2nd car (which is new to us in July) has died. I think there is something wrong in there that's draining the battery. I was standing outside with my neighbor the other day (shoveling no less) when the car just started running. I KID YOU NOT. The engine did not run, but the fans etc inside that thing did. So I got the keys and opened the door. Every light in the dash was on as well. So being the car dummy that I am, I yelled inside for hubby to come out and look at it. He got in the car, started it and then proceeded to "shut off" the car and pull the key right out of the ignition. The car kept running and the keys were in his hands!!! It was like some twilight zone moment. He fidled around a little more, trying to insert the key and turn it off. Finally he tapped the brakes and the car shut off. Gee, that's something I really feel safe driving around town.
So, luckily the car is under warranty. (glad I'm getting my $48.00 a month out of that!!!) I think there are some serious wiring issues with it. The brake light likes to come on (when the break isn't on of course). Both the side air bag and front air bag lights like to come on. And all these things have been tested and reset two times already. And then, my favorite thing of all... there's something seriously wrong with the transmission. You know... you run to the grochery or walmart, you get in your car, put your foot on the gas to reverse and your car just kinda drifts slowly and smoothly out of the parking spot. Not mine. I have to push the gas pedal down almost half way to get it to go and then immeadiately release from the gas a little bit to make sure that I don't go flying through the parking lot at 40MPH. Then, if I stop at a traffic light and proceed to go through it, my car will jerk at 32 mph. EVERY SINGLE TIME.
Anyway, I'm getting really off topic. I'm just frustrated because it would be nice to relax and hang out while hubby is home. Not only that, but I'm stranded at the house during the day when he goes to work (because I'm certainly not getting zander up at 4am to drive his happy butt on base. NO SIREE)

So, no knitting news... just assurances that I am not purposefully slacking... just super super busy, and have to fear I WILL BE BACK.
Until then, knit some... for me too! ;-)

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  1. Blogger Kimberly posted at 12:46 PM  
    eek! Your car sounds super scary! I hope they are able to get it running properly soon! :(

  2. Blogger CjSachiko posted at 1:17 AM  
    That is a freaky thing to happen!

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