Friday, April 01, 2005

On a sad note.

My mother in law sent me an e-mail today which had the following in it.

"I have not heard from Craig since Sunday. And it makes me worry when I don't and know that things are going on there in Iraq. There was another Kentucky National Guard soldier killed yesterday, but he was from an infantry division from Tompkinsville, KY. Last week an MP from Richmond, KY was killed -- he was in a different MP company than Craig but doing what Craig's group does. And so you know what that is: Craig's military police company is located in Diwaniyah, Iraq, south of Baghdad, at Camp Echo. It is an international camp so Americans are the minority there. His missions have taken him to Baghdad, Fallujah, Karbala and many other locations. They provide security for convoys -- when groups need to transport supplies, etc. Craig had been driving the humvee, but on Sunday said that he now mans the turrett, the big gun on top of the humvee because that guy had hurt his leg and was able to drive the humvee instead. His missions can last anywhere from 4 hours to numerous days. About 2 weeks ago he had been in Karbala and had been up about 48 hours until they stayed at a US camp and was able to get some sleep. Where his camp is located is among Shiites (friendly Arabs) and they will wave and give the "thumbs up" when they go in and out of camp, but in many other area are the Sunnis (not friendly Arabs) who Craig said tend to yell things and give the finger. So far Craig has seen a few camels, sand storms and many parts of a third world country we could only ever imagine. But he has kept good spirits for his 'adventure.'"

For those who don't know. My brother in law (19 year old, Craig) is in Iraq, and has been there for several months. It's easy for me to go on about my day and not worry about him. When I speak with him (through e-mails) I don't ask details and he doesn't tell. It's not that I enjoy being ignorant about the situation but it's based on the fact that I am a nurotic "worryer."

But between Pope John Paul II & my mom-in-law's e-mail I realize that life is a precious precious thing and we should never, ever take advantage or belittle that fact. Our days are numbered and we should live each day as a GREAT day and try not to get so caught up in the little frustrating moments of day-to-day activities. I am sorry for the young man that Craig will never get to be after seeing and experiencing what he is experiencing. And yet more so than that feeling I have a HUGE sense of pride and satisfaction in knowing that this country is doing what it should be doing in a country that was desperate for our help and that Craig gets to be a part of that effort.

This is not meant to be a political debate but to those that don't agree with President Bush's choice I think you should look at
We are doing the right thing and I realize that small, simple fact every day and think that I will start speaking out about it more often instead of trying not to avoid stepping on the eggshells that are people's opinions of politics.

If you support our troops feel free to take one of the pictures on the right that I have added. (Don't steal bandwith please.)

Pray for the pope (even if you're not catholic) and our troops, for people that give their lives to service deserve at least our acknowledgement.

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  1. Blogger Jen:) posted at 3:56 PM  
    Have you heard from your Mother In Law again? I hope all is well - I'm praying for your family!

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