Friday, May 20, 2005


*Warning-- personal post, no knitting news.*

Woops, CJ tagged me a while back and with everything that's been going on I completely forgot!!

Please list 5 things that you may or may not have done before that you would like to learn or try again. This may just get you to try them or give you some renewed interest!

1. I would love to learn how to crochet.
2. I would love to learn how to cook (without burning, undercooking, or setting off the smoke detector.)
3. I would love to learn how to deal with hubby being gone all the time.
4. I would love to learn to become more independant and stand up for myself more often (successfully.)
5. I would love to learn how to become a GREAT mom instead of the "regular" mom that I am.

Not the most "funny" thing I've ever come up with... but those things are all things I really would LOVE to learn.

Well, in moving news... my mother in law had offered last week to come up and get me, since I no longer have a car to drive to Kentucky. I e-mailed her on Wednesday and asked her if the offer was still open. She polietly pushed me off. And tried to tell me that she was busy for the next several weeks. She then also mentioned that "we might need to find a plan B for your cat [the one she agreed a month ago to watch for the next 5 months.] we will be using our house for meeting with clients, and since I don't know how well he and Kato and KC will get along, we definitely do not want to run into problems at this point."
So needless to say I am less than thrilled with her. This "meeting with clients" thing she's refering to is a new business her and her partner opened. Hmmm.... I'm thinking when you open a business it's something you've been thinking of and planning. Certainly she would have known about this the last time she talked to Nick. Which was Sunday. How convienient for her to wait until her son is away to break it to the daughter in law that she's a complete fake that makes promises without intentions to keep them. And by the way... what's this "WE might need to find a plan B?" I seriously doubt that she's going to help in ANY way with finding a home for Yoda. UGH... can you tell I've just had enough???

Maybe my next post will be a little more upbeat. Forget it today!

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  1. Anonymous Pioggia posted at 6:51 PM  
    I hope you're feeling better. Cheer up! It will all sort itself out.

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