Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dead Battery

So, I've gone from being a stay at home mom to having two jobs. One is a receptionist at a salon & day spa in Cincinnati. I get paid next to nothing here, but the girls are wonderful, and I get terriffic perks like free haircuts, and color, nails etc for cost. :-) Oh yeah and 40% off makeup, shampoo, etc. I love aveda makeup!
My 2nd job is selling a whole bunch of a guys stuff for commission on ebay. This man has sooo much money he doesn't know what to do with it all. He's gotta have a million dollars just sitting in his office at work. (He's a bond broker) So, anyway, I was there last week on Friday taking pictures of it all so I can price it and sell it. Most of it will go on Ebay. My camera battery died while I was working though. No big deal, I think... I'll just go charge it once I get back to the folk's house. Nope, can't find the charger.
Nick thinks it's here, he can't find it at the house... so I'll look eventually.

If I had a camera I'd be showing you pictures of the stole I started for the Mystery Stole Knit Along. And then I'd show you a picture of what it looked like after Zander ripped half of it off the needles :-(

Then I'd show you a picture of Zander's cardigan. I'm almost done with the back. I think I'll have to knit for him more... this project seems to be going quickly with the amount of time I have spent on it. (Not much.)

Then the next picture would be of a green shawl I'm making out of knitpicks Wool of the Andes. The pattern is from Folk Shawls... I think I spoke of it before. My mom and I took a "knitting with fabric strips" class on Friday. The woman helped me get down my continental knitting. I feel perfectly comfortable knitting continental now. :-) This is my first project that will be completed and not ripped out (I hope) that is using the German method.

The following picture would be of the roses Nick sent me when he got back in port on Monday. No, it doesn't excuse what happened, and he knows it, but they sure are pretty. Yellow, pink, and red ones. That are almost fully opened. And that are making my parents home smell beautiful. (I'm not sure where I am in the whole Nick situation... still stewing on it. he said to take my time.... in the meantime he'll be doing what he can to prove to me.... blah blah blah...we'll see. Thanks for the kind words everyone.)

Ms. Alice Red, the woman who is spoiling me for secret pals says there is a gift on its way to me. Yippie... haven't got it yet, but I'll have to get my camera charged and pictures taken when I do get it. :-) I sent my pal her first gift last week. She got it Monday. Sounds like she likes it. It was a small gift for an inexpensive, instant gratification project... but I just wanted to say hi. Her next package will be exciting. I wish I could talk about it, but we don't want her surfing the list of participants and finding out who I am now do we? That's no fun!!!

That's all for now... sorry for the wordy post with no pics. :-(
Off to find the charger... knit some.

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  1. Anonymous Kathie posted at 11:42 PM  
    O.k., I'm lost...what did Nick do?


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