Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I am so sorry dear blog readers... for I have neglected again. I am happy to announce that it is June 1st, I am in Kentucky, and everything is (almost) as it should be.

I just moved out of this house a little over 2 years ago and several exciting things have been added since I've left.
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These are the things I will enjoy the next 5.5 months.

I will also enjoy the view from my bedroom window:
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and all my yarn storage:
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Right now there are two full drawers of yarn, 1 small center drawer of needles and notions, and a small drawer of Works in progess.
I have lots of time to fill the rest up! ;-)

Knitting has been good. I currently have 3 baby blankets and a clapotis on the needles.
Big Bad Baby Blanket (from Stitch n' Bitch Nation)
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An eyelet pattern... I got it from online, but wrote it down (didn't print it out) so now I have no idea what the name of it is. It's from though.
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It looks like a jumbled mess, but it is actually going very well. It's my first "lace" eyeleted pattern. I'm really enjoying it! :-)

And, my ruffled blanket:
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Christine's Clappy. (It's almost done Christine... my assumption is it will be complete before the weekend or at the end of the weekend! :-)
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Once I have completed the clappy and one of my baby blankets I am allowing myself to start 2 more exciting projects... I have them all picked out... I'll let you wait in suspense until next post! hehehe.
Until next time,
Knit some.

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  1. Blogger KnitNana posted at 2:59 PM much in such a little time, how did you do it?? Glad you made it safe and sound!
  2. Blogger Pioggia posted at 5:06 PM  
    It seems you had a good move, and that you had time to knit too! I will me moving soon and the idea still makes me tremble.
  3. Blogger Kathy posted at 12:25 AM  
    What yarn are you using for the clappy? It's gorgeous?

    We need some Zander pics! :)

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