Tuesday, July 26, 2005


5 TV shows I like: The O.C., Desperate Housewives, Dog the Bounty Hunter, The Amazing Race, and Friends, even though it's not on air anymore.
5 movies I like: Finding Nemo, American Wedding, ANY julia roberts movie, The borne supremecy, office space.
5 famous people I'd like to meet: President Bush, Osama Bin Laden- I'd like to rip his genitals off, Maya Angelou - maybe she could teach me to write and cook! Matt Damon, and Julia Roberts.
5 Biggest Joys at the moment: My son, my job, my family, my knitting, and my secret pal gift I just received in the mail yesterday!!!
5 favorite toys: I like Zander's toys... they keep him amused and give me something to do with him!!! He really likes his new bag from Miss Alice Red, my secret pal! :-)

I think I'll tag Dan since he hasn't posted to his blog in a while.

Moving on... Look at these goodies arriving to my house in pink tissue paper yesterday!
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That's a beautiful handmade card, 6 skeins of Jaeger Matchmaker (merino) in a beautiful light blue/slate color. A pretty frame, a necklace that my mom tried to steal from me that I'll wear today, stitch markers that have the letters of my name (is there anything you can't do alice?) and this really neat R2 yarn...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I think I will make a belt out of it... and I honestly don't think I'll knit it. It's so soft so I hate to put it around my waist... but that's immediately what I thought of when I saw it. They are SOOO my colors! :-)

I wish I had more time to gloat about everything but unfortunately I don't... busy weeks here... check out what I have been knitting on occassionally:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is a baby blanket for my friend Kari who is due in October. I'm resisting the urge and telling myself to only work on this right now. That or two of my other Unfinished Objects (my green shawl or Zander's sweater.)

I also went shopping at the lys that's closing in Cincinnati... got lots of goodies there, but no pictures yet... will try to do that tomorrow or thursday morning.

I must jet... bummer. THANKS ALICE!!!

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