Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Socks, Ipod cozies, and holidays

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Well, this weekend was a milestone for me in my "new" life. For those that don't know: Nick and I have seperated. It was the hardest decision of my life. He didn't take it well. I was supposed to see him in Georgia this past weekend, but (obviously) refused to go. I told him he could come see Zander. So he did. I drove down to his mom's in Lexington Kentucky. I thought I was having a panic attack on the way down there saturday morning. It became excruciatingly hard to breathe, it felt like my chest was tightening up. I had no idea how I was going to look at Nick. I was scared out of my mind. So I didn't make eye contact. Not for a while. But to make a long story short the weekend turned out okay. Him and I talked. And although we're still not "together" I have faith/hope that he will get the help he needs. And I will be there to help/support/etc him if he does.

Well, I kept working on my mom's sock this weekend... got the heel flap done, turned the heel, and finished the gusset, now I'm almost to the toes. WOO HOO.

I also made an ipod cozy for Nick's Ipod. Out of cammy sock yarn (bernat). But I didn't have my digital with me, so no picture. I even made a hole for the screen. That was trickier than I thought. I ended up having to make the top two pieces. But it ended up pretty good for a 1/2 day project and a tiny bit of yarn.

Kathy asked about my Big Bad Baby Blanket in my last post... I really need to get hopping on it. It's for charity... no one can enjoy it if I'm not knitting it! I need to get moving on it. Last I checked it was about 10" long. Not good. So, yeah, thanks for the guilty feelings Kathy! ;-)

Well, pictures to come tomorrow maybe! Until Next time, Knit some.

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