Friday, July 22, 2005

Tagged- A Life Reflection

Kathy tagged me. Which is great because since brother in law "C" is home on leave for two weeks from Iraq. [I am nicknaming him because he has been telling me war stories which I will probably repeat... so I am protecting his identity]

Anyway, so, since C has been home I have done very little knitting. I put away the bright blue yarn because I forgot I HAVE to make my friend a baby blanket (she's due in October) so once I get that done I'll get the cotton out and make my "notions" bag with it.

Anyway... my tag:
10 years ago: Now THIS is embarassing. I was 13 years old... I would have been in between the 7th and 8th grade. I "dated" boys with colored hair, that played the drums and that smoked weed. I thought I was cool. HA HA HA!
5 years ago: I was getting ready to go to college. Now, this time I was the one that smoked weed. But I dated straight laced guys. I wanted to major in English because of my love of literature. I went hunting for the first time.
1 year ago: I was still learning how to be a mother to my (then) 10 month old. Nick was having a lot of health problems which consumed me. I started realizing how much I HATED military life, and how I couldn't wait for it to end. 1 year ago I had just bought a car I knew I couldn't afford. I'm still trying to sell it and get out of debt with it.
Yesterday: I drove C down to his mom's (my mother in law's) and realized just what a wonderful family I married into, no matter what happens between Nick and I, I'll always have support, love, a place to turn to, hang out, and people to talk with. I realized I am happy and content in my life. And unfortunately I got very little knitting done. :-(
Today: I will work. And then I will drive another 2 hours to see the in-laws and will plan my method of attack to visit a yarn store that is closing down... can you say, YARN TIME.
Tomorrow: I will visit that yarn store and try not to spend money I don't need on things I won't use. I will try to buy only yarn and notions that I have a project planned for. HA HA HA !!!!!
5 snacks I enjoy: Ice cream, grahmn crackers & peanut butter, chocolate, and pop. (That's soda to most.)
5 bands/singers that I know the lyrics of MOST of their songs: The wiggles, linkin park, allison krauss, the doodlebops... I prefer talk radio to catch up on right wing issues.
Things I would do with $100,000,000: Buy a spinning wheel, open a yarn store, buy my son lots of toys and put aside money for college... and grad school. Buy my parent's houseboat so they didn't have to sell it. Buy a cute house for me and Zander, and get a boob job (yeah seriously.) I'd also donate a good portion of it... but at this time in my life I'm not sure what I feel strongly about besides being a mother... so I'd have to think about who would be deserving.
5 locations I'd like to run away to: My home in CT... I am homesick. Colorado, Australia, Ireland, anywhere remote location with a house, some yarn, and a beach.
5 bad habits I have: chronic early runner, road rage, cursing, not being able to say no, being too nice.
5 things I like doing: Knitting, eating, talking, reading (I finished harry potter on Monday,) and relaxing.
5 things I would never wear: Leather underthings, tiny thin heels, uncomfortable bras, and bikinis, and outfits that prohibit me from wearing a bra.
OH MY GOSH, I'm out of time... will finish later!

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