Tuesday, July 12, 2005

United Knitters

Knitters need to stand together... I am boycotting the knitting magazine known as "Belle Armoire" because of what the editor did to Julie Anderson of Black Sheep Bags.
I understand that there are bigger problems in the world, like the War on Terrorism, but in the knitting world this is just pretty plain pathetic...and I'd like to see this woman's e-mail box get completely filled to the rim with e-mails telling her just how ridiculous her actions are.

Also, much thanks to Cindy for the wonderful link to Nona's Blog and more specifically THIS entry. It really helped my LARGE knit stitch problem on the Big Bad Baby Blanket. Bye the way... Kathy, I would read that entry so you don't have the same problem on the BBBB. Speaking of... she is about 75% done. I'm really hoping to finish her up this week. That will mean 2 projects completed... I'll only need to complete one more after that until I can start another project. By the way... I took the Sockotta socks off the needles and put them away... I really want to narrow down my number of current projects... NOTHING NEW... it will be my motivation to continue.

Well, that's all for today... off to fold laundry and knit! ;-)

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