Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Here it is:
Image hosted by

It works, but I know I'll replace it... here's one reason why:

Image hosted by
The weight of the heavier needles being on the bottom really distorts it. I also think the 1" slots aren't big enough. I know like many knitters I have several of certain sizes... 16", 24" 29" and 32". Once you start threading more than 2 (especially in the bigger sizes) it really starts getting tight.

It is also a little long... I don't remember the exact measurements, but when you add the length of the needles it hangs down and takes up way too much room. It'd be better as a shorter wider holder. I already have sketches for my own design drawn out. It will include storage for straight needles on the back as well. Mom (the seamstress of the family) will help with the details, such as actual construction and fabric yardage. I may even sell them. We'll see.

Speaking of needles:

Rebecca, your guess of 54 was closest to my actual number of 55. :-) E-mail me with your snail mail address and I'll get your two balls of sock yarn out to you! :-) (ZandersmommyATgmailDOTcom.)

For those interested... I have 3 cable needles, 12 sets of straights, 12 sets of DPNs and 28 sets of Circulars. See why I needed a circular organizer? hehehe. I got every answer from 27 (Kathy's) to 125 (from Penny, whom I think doesn't have a blog.)
That certainly was fun... I'll do another one soon. :-)

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Birch Tips

This is more for me, than for anyone else... sorry. ;-)


Top Ten Things to Remember When Knitting Birch (clip n save!):
10. Make a swatch first, using a friendly and unfurry yarn. Study this swatch. Notice how the holes of the birch leaves line up. These holes are your landmarks along the way as you get started. Every other row generates a new set of holes. If your leaf holes aren't lining up, you are in what we call "trouble."
9. Use the brilliant chart by Rowanette Duc Ta. I could not have done this without the chart. I am in deep negotiation with Duc to somehow mooch this chart from her for everyone. I have offered her naming rights to Mason-Dixon Knitting and think this will tip her our way: "Duc Ta's Mason-Dixon Knitting." UPDATE: Duc Ta has kindly let us provide the chart, the KEY to Birch: Duc Ta's Beautiful Chart. And we don't even have to rename the blog.
8. Use needles with sharp points. The bamboo circulars I used were too blunt, and it was hard to do decreases because of them.
7. Cast on those 299 stitches early in the morning, after two or three cups of coffee, when your self-esteem is shiny brite. Kidsilk Haze is a weird yarn, thin and hairy.
6. Begin by knitting two rows of garter or stockinette, depending on which version of Birch you're knitting. These two rows will make it easier to start the first pattern row. I did stockinette because I thought the pattern was purtier that way. But it does mean every other row is a long, long purlfest.
5. ::Controversial:: Use stitch markers for the first repeat of the pattern. I used a ton of them--one every ten stitches--because I knew I could never get more than ten stitches out of whack. The markers made it much fidgetier to knit, but after two failed attempts, I figured slow and fidgety beat fast and really screwed up. I ditched the markers after the first repeat and felt like a faith healer had taken away my crutches.
4. After the first repeat, you will feel a) frustrated. b) unproductive. c) hateful toward whatever animal it is that generates mohair. You will, however, see a bunch of little birch leaves, and this will spur you on. Yea! Only 26 more repeats!
3. Beware two bugabears: a) The dropped decrease stitch. There are many, many decreases, and Kidsilk Haze makes it easy to think you've knit two stitches together, when in fact one of them is not caught. You find the dropped stitch three rows later, patiently sitting there because the yarn is so fuzzy that the dropped stitch doesn't go anywhere. How I fixed those dropped stitches is something I do not care to revisit at this time. b) Knitting two stitches together by mistake. The yarnovers in particular cling to the stitch beside them, so make sure they're separated.
2. Finishing: The delight at finishing cannot be overstated. Whooeeeeee! At least one Stevie Nicks-style swirl is required.
1. Blocking: Some folks don't block their Birches, and that's just fine for them. But my Birch turned into something much finer after I put a sheet on the floor and used a zillion pins. I soaked it with my Rowenta spritzer feature, and let it dry.
Good luck, y'all. You have nothing to lose but your mind.

Once I get one of my three projects done I'll allow myself to get started. Well, I have to wait for the yarn (which I did order) and the pattern: (which I have NOT ordered.) But I'm looking forward to it.

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No More Felting

Okay, I have to do one more felted bag (for my sister) and then I quit. I haven't been happy with any that I've done since the booga bag.

Image hosted by
It's like the leaning tower of pisa. Okay, so that's all in the "blocking" of it. I didn't have a box that was the right size to dry it over. Some were too big some were too small... so now it looks like a cube with muscles. I like the colors. I like the stripes, I like the handles. But let's discuss the other problem, shall we?

Image hosted by
This is where an 8" separating zipper is supposed to go. Let me just take a moment to say that my "flaps" are only 6" long. An 8" zipper will not fit. I think I could pull off a 7" zipper, but alas I can't find that size on-line. I'm pissed. Flat out angry and pissed. Thank god it only took me 3 days to do. What a waste of $30.00.

Anyway, so I now have 3 projects on the needles. (We're not even going to TALK about Zander's cardigan.... I'm pretending it doesn't exist.)
Image hosted by
On the left. Hopeful. I casted on for it last night.The wool cotton (by Rowan) is the MOST amazing thing to work with... it's like butter. I think I've found a new favorite yarn. The color is aqua, and discontinued... that makes it even more like knitting with Gold! ;-) I'm also using addi turbos. My first time. Lovely! :-) I'm thinking of getting a pair in size 8 to do Birch with. Do you think the joins will be okay? I haven't seem to be able to knit lace (or attempt to knit lace) on anything but straights.

In the Middle is my next project for Warm The World. The yarn is paton's classic wool. It was left over from my failed carpet bag. I'm knitting this hat continental style. For anyone that learned on continental or who has never attempted continental doesn't realize what a big thing that is. But for anyone that has converted or tried continental-- you know. The knitting I have no problem with. The purling is a little tricker... but I'm finally learning to let my left index finger help with the "threading" of the stitch. This is my practice in continental purling so that I can hold one color in each hand for my fair isle cardigan.

And finally. My mom's anklet(s). This is the same yarn I did michelle's socks with. My mom loved it. So she gets a pair of anklets out of them.

Okay... I'm outta here... just an update. By the way... if you haven't already, scroll down to yesterday's post and put in your vote for my knitting needle count to win some yarn. I'm going to pull the contest tomorrow sometime. Because my mom and I will be finishing the circular needle holder tonight. No, really, I know I said Sunday, but I mean it. Tonight. (I hope.)

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Monday, August 29, 2005


I was getting my needles ready to inventory this morning, and realized I had a lot more needles than I thought I did. So here's the contest. Winner to receive this:

Image hosted by
How many sets of needles do I have? 2 straights count as one set. 4 (or 5) DPN's count as 1 set, and obviously 1 circular needle is 1 needle. This also counts cable needles. Person with the guess closest to the actual amount will win those two balls of regia sock yarn. (Don't have them in front of me so I don't remember what color # they are... but it's greens, grey, black and white. They will be similar to Michelle's socks that I just made. If more than one person gets the guess correct I will pull a name. Contest ends this week sometime, when I feel like it! :-) Leave your guess in the comments.

Happy guessing.

P.S. When leaving a comment be sure to leave your e-mail address or blog address in the form so I can contact you if you win. :-)

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

A Confident Knitter

I've realized that Knitting is much like any other hobby or sport. You are only as confident (and capable) as you think you can be.
Meaning... I shouldn't be worried about the Fair Isle Cardigan. It's something I've been wanting to make for about 8 months now... so I should just dive in and do it. I will prepare myself first... get a better chart of the fair isle.. maybe one of those magnetic reader things for ease in reading the charts. Maybe I'll take graph paper and make the charts bigger and in color myself by hand. I'll definitly use the two handed stranding method to make it easier and quicker than picking up and dropping. I already know how to knit contiental, I'll just need to take my next project (either hopeful or my sister's felted bag) and master purling continental. That would be a good thing anyway as I've really wanted to convert over to continental for a while now.

Anyway, this morning was spent proving to myself that I was a confident knitter. First, behold my "confident-I-was knitting-too-fast-and-not-paying-attention" mistake. See the knit stitches that should be purl stitches?
Image hosted by

Wait... back up... first off, what you're looking at: The purl stitches are the sides of the bag, the knit stitches are the front and/or back. the purl stitches should be a straight line UP the bag... not staggered (like it is.)

Okay, moving on. If I had done this is the past I would have said, "oh well, it will felt," or "FUDGE." I would have then taken it off the needles and frogged back 4 hours worth of work and put it back on and continued. And then I probably would have grown to hate the project and I probably would have never finished it. Not me, not today. I'm A Confident Knitter. I knit to that spot and dropped the stitches 10" down... I then proceeded to pick the stitches back up purlwise. And now:
Image hosted by

Anyway, so then... after I did that I really didn't want to look at the bag so I decided to trade my mom. I'm working on this for one of her customers' new baby:
Image hosted by
It will be a rag quilt. But I said trade... what am I getting out of it?
Image hosted by
Which will be this:
Image hosted by
(The circular knitting needle holder from Stitch n' Bitch.) I took a picture of my circulars now, but it's so disorganized (thrown in a drawer from my dresser) and embarassing that I won't even show it... but I'll show you once it's done. I think mom will be able to finish it today... well, she thinks so, so I'll have faith in her even though I'm not 100% sure. ;-)

Anyway, I forgot how much I liked to quilt. Mental note to self: Pick it back up when Zander is old enough to not care about the sewing machine, and is old enough to play by himself for hours at a time.

I'm off to knit... anyone have any thing fun to tell me?

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Fair Isle Knitting -- Edited & Added

I have long since admired fair isle knitting (and knitters). I found the most beautiful pattern by Debbie Bliss. Upon finding it I said, "ONE DAY I WILL DO THIS."
Image hosted by
Amazing huh? That is her "Fair Isle Cardigan with Chenille Edging." I can't remember what book it was in. I borrowed it from the library. It's knit on size 3's. I always bypassed it because I couldn't find similar yarn that wasn't astronomically priced. But now... there's this. Fingering weight fair isle colored yarns. Cheap.

So yesterday I cast on for my "Small Zippered Bag." I'm calling it the "Carpet Bag" though.
Here is my mess of multi-colored knitting.
Image hosted by
5 colors (it is knitted with 2 held together so I guess in my defense it is 10 strands of yarn) and it's a mess. None is tangled, but do you know how annoying it is to change colors? All I can say is thank GOD I can tie a square knot since it will be felted, and thank God I don't have ALL those strings hanging down all over the place.

Am I completely nuts to oogle over that pattern... if I spend $50.00 in yarn to do that cardigan will I have completely lost my marbles? Well, as many marbles as one "single," working, school attending mother, who's living with her parents and 3 dogs can have.

And yet, I can't hardly contain myself from wanting to click "Checkout" on my knit picks shopping cart. PLEASE HELP ME!

By the way... other fearless, note worthy fair isle knitters: (Intarsia, but still knowledgable)

I could never live up to them... I think I'm going to be sick...


I actually got tagged twice in the last week. I guess I thought it would just go away, but I'm pretty sure Kathy and Nana are wondering why I'm ignoring them. Kathy's Tag: 1. Go into your archive. 2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to). 3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to). 4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions. 5. Tag five people to do the same. Mine said, "Yes, the toe faces the wrong way." Hmmm, take that out of context. This is from my first sock experiment when I made the toe decreases wrong. I started on the 2nd needle, not the first. How's that for irony Kathy... a sock post on the weekend you are to cast on a sock... for making me count to 23 I hope you make your toes sideways! ;-) hehehe.

And Nana's:
I'll try to find 6 musical pieces that are favorites at the moment:

These are really super hard for me, I (amazingly enough) don't listen to much music. Although I'm KILLING for an ipod. I just don't have much time... at home I usually have disney playing in the background on tv, so I'm familiar with most of their songs ;-) and in the car I listen to talk radio to keep up to date on politics and news. In my CD player I do have Yellow Card though.

1- I really like the song: One Year, Six Months (Yellow Card)
2- Linkin Park- With You (reanimation version)
3- The Parishers- Trouble Sleeping
4- Jem- Maybe I'm amazed
5- The killers- Smile Like you mean it
6- SheDaisy- Don't worry bout a thing

That was super hard.

I'm tagging anyone that reads this today... don't hide.... I can see who comes to my site... I'll be checking. If you read this pick whichever meme you want.

Oh, and by the way-- I ordered the yarn for the fair isle sweater... anyone for a knit-a-long? Any first time fair isle knitters... please please please someone motivate me. Kris, you should do it! You'd look stunning in this cardigan! And didn't you just buy a fair isle mitten book not too long ago? And it only costs $20.00 for the yarn. WOOO HOO!!!!
Please someone!

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Now It's Done

Image hosted by
Started: March 8th, 2005
Completed: August 26, 2005
Knitting Time:
Yarn: 1.5 skeins of Patons Classic Merino in Black
Needles: size 8 bamboo
Pattern: Irish Hiking Scarf
Lesson: I think for scarves I really like the shorter 8"-10" straight needles... circulars really get in the way and on my nerves-- do you put the cord in front of, or behind the scarf?

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Irish Hiking Scarf Done!!!

Well, not COMPLETELY done. It's blocking. It turned out to be 7" x 60." I think Mark will just absolutely love it!

Image hosted by
(sorry about the washed out picture... was TRYING to get detail of the cables.)

Image hosted by
Ha ha ha... did you feel like you were scrolling and scrolling? I feel like it goes on forever in real life too. I'll do project details for this once it's dried and I get a better picture. It's raining here today so everything is blurry and washed out because there is not much natural light.

Anyway, so how's that for a week in knitting? 2 socks and a scarf completed. I didn't say "fully knit." Just completed. I almost had a panic attack while eating lunch (kidding of course) because I realized that the only thing I have to knit on now is Zander's sweater... and we all know how I'm avoiding that like the plague.

So I had to do something and QUICK!!!

Image hosted by

That will become this:
Image hosted by
Or similiar. [thanks to them for the picture by the way.]

So anyway, now I have to wind balls of yarn... it only calls for one skein of each color, but I have to knit with 2 held together... and stupid me... I haven't bought a skein winder yet. I just keep waiting for a good sale or a 40% off coupon in my mailbox. That will make for a long afternoon... probably won't get to knit much more on it... beause I'll be using the trusty toilet paper tube and hand winder. YAY!

Happy Friday.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

My First Day Of School & Finished Socks

I had my first day of school yesterday. I'm enrolled in 6 hours at NKU. Kathy asked what classes I was taking. I'm taking JUS 430 -- a "Policy" class. This one focuses on how american policies (guidelines, rules, programs, laws) are shaped from politics, and ones choosen political party, and how members of the government shape things based on what the citizens want. It should be a complicated yet fullfilling class.

The second class I'm taking is PSC 304-- an "intro to law" course. It's stuff I already know but based mainly from the paralegal standpoint. When I began my college career 5 years ago I intended to go to law school. I wasn't sure if I wanted to become a practicing attorney, but I think if things had gone differently (i.e. I didn't have Zander) I probably would have become an attorney. Now that I have him and my priorities have changed (meaning I don't want to spend the next 10 years in school.) I think I may do paralegal work. So this class will help. It's taught by an (active) attorney who loves to hear himself talk.

The only knitting I got done yesterday was in between the two classes (for one hour.) But I am SOOO close to finishing Michelle's 2nd sock that I think I'll get it done today. I felt really strange about pulling out my knitting in class. I've knitted a few places in public, it's been fine, I enjoy it. I'm just not sure about class. Does it look rude? Inconsiderate? Will it distract other students. Even though I know it would really help me to focus I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do. But man oh man I could have gotten several hours of knitting done if I had knitted in class. Maybe I'll get over my nervousness about it next week.

Completed sock pictures to come! :-)

Edited: I finished Michelle's Socks:

Image hosted by

Started: Monday, August 15, 2005
Finished: Thursday, August 25, 2005
Knitting Time: 10.5 hours
Yarn: Regia Stretch- color #91
Needles: Bamboo DPN size 3
Pattern: Cast on 48, 2x2 rib for 1."
#1 I finally feel like I'm starting to get somewhere with knitting... projects are getting completed, and quickly... I don't feel like I'm not ever getting anywhere (two negatives in one sentence, sorry.) I feel like I'm finally advancing as a knitter... BRING IT ON!
#2 This yarn is a BIG, HUGE, hit. I still have almost a full ball left... I'm going to cast on a pair of anklets for mom.

That's all.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Overall Update

I'm trying to get into the habit of blogging more regularly so I decided to kind of catch myself up, and give myself reminders of what my "knitting goals" are.
First, here's an update on the irish hiking scarf. This will be done VERY shortly. There is only about 10" to go.
Image hosted by
I can't wait until I'm done with this.

Next items to be cast on are a felted bag for me, a felted bag for erin, and "hopeful" from (I'm too lazy to HTML the link in there.)

Here is the yarn for my bag:
Image hosted by
As you can see this is very much an "autumn" bag. The pattern I'm using is from the book "pursenalities" It's the carpet bag. I need to get this one going because fall is RIGHT around the corner.

I'm doing another bag for Erin... also from "pursenalities." With Wool of the Andes in pink, black, and white, from [Yarn on order-- pictures to come.]

Finally, I'm doing "hopeful." Which I think/hope will make great class knitting. I can't take the bags there as there are too many balls of yarn and that will get messy.

I start school today, in just a few short hours. I'll be taking michelle's sock with me. Wish me luck. (For school, not knitting.)


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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

1 sock, 2 sock, red sock, blue sock

Here is the first sock complete.
Image hosted by
And isn't it absolute blissful magic that my 2nd sock is already to the heel flap. None of that "I hate casting on" stuff. Because we all know that casting on in the round on dpn's is the worst thing in the world!
Anyway, specs on this sock. It took me 5 hours and 3 minutes to complete it. I absolutely LOVE the comment I received yesterday from someone who says it takes 1 trip to her MIL's house to complete 1 sock... so each round trip drive is a pair of socks! What a fantastic way to measure time! What is your blog, sweet sock knitter... I would love to give you credit!

Also in comments Kathy wanted to know what sock yarn this way. Regia Stretch colour #91. You can find it here. I bought mine from an LYS that was closing for $3.00 a ball (SCORE!) but their price of $4.48 isn't bad either... get knitting socks Kathy! We have proof that you can!
Onto turning a heel.
Until next time,
knit some.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

1/2 sock here, 1/2 sock there

I started knitting thsese socks in Connecticut. I completed the heel flap but couldn't remember (without my pattern/sock chart) how to turn the heel, so I put the socks on some extra needles and started the second sock. On the second sock I've now turned the heel, picked up gusset stitches and shaped the gusset. I'm half-way to the toe. These socks are going quick. I just started them last monday. And to think that when I' m done with the first sock I'll already be ready to turn the heel on the 2nd sock. KNITTING VICTORY!!!

I'm awaiting my yarn for Hopeful which I hope to be able to knit on in class. I also have a felted bag to make my sister, a felted bag for me (which is in autumn colors so it needs to be bumped up and started and completed,) I need to finish Mark's scarf, which I have been working on in the past week since getting the rest of the yarn. I also have Zander's cardigan which I just do not have good feelings about anymore. I physically can not force myself to work on it. It's awful. And he turns 2 next month!!! :-(

That's all for now... I found my digital camera card, and will post pictures tonight or tomorrow... I promise.
Until then, Knit some.

*Edited: true to my word here are pictures of the socks.
Image hosted by
The one on the left is done to the heel flap, the one on the right is halfway to the toes! YAY! KNIT ON!

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Home or Home?

On a personal note I just got back from Connecticut last night. It was nice to be in my own home, with my own bed, and my own things. Aside from the fact that the first night I was there I couldn't remember where certain cooking utensils were it was good to be home. I will miss that place if I don't end up moving back there.

On a knitting note, I finished Kari's Baby's Blanket.
[picture here]
There is no picture because I didn't have my digital camera when I finished it and I wanted to go ahead and gift it to Kari while I was in that part of the country. She'll be e-mailing the pictures shortly.

Details on this project:
Date Started: Monday July 18th, 2005
Date Completed:
Hours of Knitting Time: 13.0 hours. (My first completed project where I faithfully timed my knitting. I love that!)
Needles: Size 8. I started with bamboo circulars... but went through two pairs thanks to my mom's dog Zoey and my forgetfulness. I completed it on Aluminum size 8's.
Lesson Learned: Plugging along and getting the blanket done was a huge sense of accomplishment. I worked on nothing else while doing it and it paid off. I'm so happy with the finished project and so is Kari.
Would I knit this again?: Absolutely. The finished project was well worth the "Oh my god, I'm so bored" moments.

On other knitting news. I have the remaining yarn for Mark's Irish Hiking scarf... I hope to finish that soon. And I cast on for Michelle's Socks. I have one sock done to the heel turn and the other sock I'm still on the leg. I haven't touched Zander's sweater... I have a VERY strong feeling that I will not meet that august goal. I hate that sweater!!!

I will post pictures as soon as I find the culprit who stole my digital camera card.
Until next time, knit some.

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Monday, August 08, 2005


Kari's Baby Blanket: Has reached 24" in length. Although I've still got about 12" left I feel like I'm getting to the home stretch... which is also causing some really simple frustrating mistakes (and frogging) because I'm rushing.
Zander's Cardigan: Since finishing the hood and one sleeve is on my august goals I have picked this dag-on thing back up. I cast on for the hood and knit for about 2 hours and I have about 3" to show for it. I've finally realized why I hate this project so much. I could have knit a full size sweater for myself in the amount of time it has taken me to knit with this god-awful cotton yarn. Not that I have anything against cotton yarn... just this stuff. Have I mentioned it's awful. I'll get there.
New Projects: I have just purchased this pattern and will begin it next week sometime when the yarn that I'm about to order arrives.
This means that my tank top that I ordered yarn for and have completed the pattern altering for (My first August goal completed.) has been put on hold. This shirt is just TOO cute not to knit!! What do you think... Aqua or Lavish ?
Modena: I mentioned wanting to knit Modena with the Jaeger Matchmaker my secret pal sent me, but what I failed to realize is that I have DK matckmaker, not 4ply matchmaker :-( Bummer. Anyone have any jaeger patterns lieing around for Matchmaker DK?

And finally: I will be out of town tomorrow until Wednesday the 17th. So if I don't e-mail or post, you'll know why. Happy Knitting.

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Friday, August 05, 2005


So, my secret pal, "Alice" sent me 5 skeins of Jaeger matchmaker in my last box... in this beautiful light blue color. I keep fondling it when I walk into my closet... so I was looking at knitting garden tonight and found this magazine with Jaeger Matchmaker patterns in it. Scroll all the way down to "Modena" at the bottom. Pretty huh? Tons of stockinette, but it might be good class knitting as Kris suggested. I also like a few of the other patterns from that book... but am short a few skeins of the yarn... might need to look on ebay and see if there are any from the same dye lot floating around. HEY!!... you never know! ;-)

I mean, not that I have time to start them or anything... I have way too much other stuff to do, but will need something simple for class in a few weeks.

Speaking of current projects... I have fixed my camera (I am SOOO good) so pictures will return shortly.
I am 24" into my baby blanket... only 16" left to go! :-) I haven't worked on Zander's cardigan's hood yet, but will try to make effort to do so next week sometime.

Well that's all for now... until next time, knit some.

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

August Goals

1. Finish Kari's Baby's Blanket
2. Finish preparation for striped tank top. (My guage is different... I am embarking on the world of altering patterns!)
3. Finish hood and one sleeve on Zander's cardigan. I would love to finish it up, but highly doubt it.

(Thanks Kris!)

Anyway... if you look over to the right on my progress bars you may notice that my green peddler's shawl is now Resting In Peace. Last night I sat down on the floor and unwound it. (It's REALLY time for me to get a ball winder. Where's the cheapest place?) Here is the shawl in happier times:

Image hosted by
Why did I rip it? Well, I didn't even like it. When I saw it in the bottom of my bag I almost cringed. "There's one more incomplete project staring me in the face." I knew I wouldn't get it done and I really didn't want it haunting me. I'm really having a whole, "finish projects" issue right now.
So anyway... that shawl has become 4 skeins of yarn that are drying on my deck. I'd show you a picture except my camera got broken yesterday. It's totally my fault for leaving it out but Zander broke it. There's something I really want to spend the money on. :-(

Anyway, I think I'll eventually make the shawl I really wanted to make from the beginning with my green yarn:

Image hosted by If it's a project I actually like I might actually finish it, no? ;-)

Until next time, knit some.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Um... Knitting

For lack of a better post. I've been knitting. And this is all I have to show for it.
Image hosted by
The same boring baby blanket. Over and over... diamonds, diamonds, diamonds. Now I know how Stephanie felt with the BBB Blanket. (Renamed as the Big Boring Baby Blanket.)
But lucky for Stephanie she is exciting and finds other fun things to talk about. Me?
I have this:
Image hosted by
A belt. A Big Bad Boring Belt. Although it's cool and I love the yarn (Lana Grossa Rotanda print- cast on 8 stitches on size 7 needles.) How boring can I be? I've resorted to knitting things that bore me. YUCK! And now I'm boring you!

I hope Kari knows how much I love her and her unborn baby! And stupid me for saying I can't cast anything else on. I have a tank top in the works (in my head, not my hands) so once I get half way through Kari's blanket I MAY allow myself to start it.

Upon other news... I start school on the 22nd of August. I'm a little nervous.. I'm starting to become older than some of the students, I haven't been to school in over 2 years, so I'm outta practice and I'm concered about the lack of knitting time. So I asked Kris how she gets away with knitting in class. She recommends sitting in the back, knitting something simple, making eye contact and of course, taking notes. She said a professor has never said anything to her. So I think I will try. By the way... check out that SWEATER!!!

The things I aspire to. Definitly NOT boring!

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