Saturday, August 27, 2005

Fair Isle Knitting -- Edited & Added

I have long since admired fair isle knitting (and knitters). I found the most beautiful pattern by Debbie Bliss. Upon finding it I said, "ONE DAY I WILL DO THIS."
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Amazing huh? That is her "Fair Isle Cardigan with Chenille Edging." I can't remember what book it was in. I borrowed it from the library. It's knit on size 3's. I always bypassed it because I couldn't find similar yarn that wasn't astronomically priced. But now... there's this. Fingering weight fair isle colored yarns. Cheap.

So yesterday I cast on for my "Small Zippered Bag." I'm calling it the "Carpet Bag" though.
Here is my mess of multi-colored knitting.
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5 colors (it is knitted with 2 held together so I guess in my defense it is 10 strands of yarn) and it's a mess. None is tangled, but do you know how annoying it is to change colors? All I can say is thank GOD I can tie a square knot since it will be felted, and thank God I don't have ALL those strings hanging down all over the place.

Am I completely nuts to oogle over that pattern... if I spend $50.00 in yarn to do that cardigan will I have completely lost my marbles? Well, as many marbles as one "single," working, school attending mother, who's living with her parents and 3 dogs can have.

And yet, I can't hardly contain myself from wanting to click "Checkout" on my knit picks shopping cart. PLEASE HELP ME!

By the way... other fearless, note worthy fair isle knitters: (Intarsia, but still knowledgable)

I could never live up to them... I think I'm going to be sick...


I actually got tagged twice in the last week. I guess I thought it would just go away, but I'm pretty sure Kathy and Nana are wondering why I'm ignoring them. Kathy's Tag: 1. Go into your archive. 2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to). 3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to). 4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions. 5. Tag five people to do the same. Mine said, "Yes, the toe faces the wrong way." Hmmm, take that out of context. This is from my first sock experiment when I made the toe decreases wrong. I started on the 2nd needle, not the first. How's that for irony Kathy... a sock post on the weekend you are to cast on a sock... for making me count to 23 I hope you make your toes sideways! ;-) hehehe.

And Nana's:
I'll try to find 6 musical pieces that are favorites at the moment:

These are really super hard for me, I (amazingly enough) don't listen to much music. Although I'm KILLING for an ipod. I just don't have much time... at home I usually have disney playing in the background on tv, so I'm familiar with most of their songs ;-) and in the car I listen to talk radio to keep up to date on politics and news. In my CD player I do have Yellow Card though.

1- I really like the song: One Year, Six Months (Yellow Card)
2- Linkin Park- With You (reanimation version)
3- The Parishers- Trouble Sleeping
4- Jem- Maybe I'm amazed
5- The killers- Smile Like you mean it
6- SheDaisy- Don't worry bout a thing

That was super hard.

I'm tagging anyone that reads this today... don't hide.... I can see who comes to my site... I'll be checking. If you read this pick whichever meme you want.

Oh, and by the way-- I ordered the yarn for the fair isle sweater... anyone for a knit-a-long? Any first time fair isle knitters... please please please someone motivate me. Kris, you should do it! You'd look stunning in this cardigan! And didn't you just buy a fair isle mitten book not too long ago? And it only costs $20.00 for the yarn. WOOO HOO!!!!
Please someone!

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