Friday, August 26, 2005

Irish Hiking Scarf Done!!!

Well, not COMPLETELY done. It's blocking. It turned out to be 7" x 60." I think Mark will just absolutely love it!

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(sorry about the washed out picture... was TRYING to get detail of the cables.)

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Ha ha ha... did you feel like you were scrolling and scrolling? I feel like it goes on forever in real life too. I'll do project details for this once it's dried and I get a better picture. It's raining here today so everything is blurry and washed out because there is not much natural light.

Anyway, so how's that for a week in knitting? 2 socks and a scarf completed. I didn't say "fully knit." Just completed. I almost had a panic attack while eating lunch (kidding of course) because I realized that the only thing I have to knit on now is Zander's sweater... and we all know how I'm avoiding that like the plague.

So I had to do something and QUICK!!!

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That will become this:
Image hosted by
Or similiar. [thanks to them for the picture by the way.]

So anyway, now I have to wind balls of yarn... it only calls for one skein of each color, but I have to knit with 2 held together... and stupid me... I haven't bought a skein winder yet. I just keep waiting for a good sale or a 40% off coupon in my mailbox. That will make for a long afternoon... probably won't get to knit much more on it... beause I'll be using the trusty toilet paper tube and hand winder. YAY!

Happy Friday.

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