Thursday, August 25, 2005

My First Day Of School & Finished Socks

I had my first day of school yesterday. I'm enrolled in 6 hours at NKU. Kathy asked what classes I was taking. I'm taking JUS 430 -- a "Policy" class. This one focuses on how american policies (guidelines, rules, programs, laws) are shaped from politics, and ones choosen political party, and how members of the government shape things based on what the citizens want. It should be a complicated yet fullfilling class.

The second class I'm taking is PSC 304-- an "intro to law" course. It's stuff I already know but based mainly from the paralegal standpoint. When I began my college career 5 years ago I intended to go to law school. I wasn't sure if I wanted to become a practicing attorney, but I think if things had gone differently (i.e. I didn't have Zander) I probably would have become an attorney. Now that I have him and my priorities have changed (meaning I don't want to spend the next 10 years in school.) I think I may do paralegal work. So this class will help. It's taught by an (active) attorney who loves to hear himself talk.

The only knitting I got done yesterday was in between the two classes (for one hour.) But I am SOOO close to finishing Michelle's 2nd sock that I think I'll get it done today. I felt really strange about pulling out my knitting in class. I've knitted a few places in public, it's been fine, I enjoy it. I'm just not sure about class. Does it look rude? Inconsiderate? Will it distract other students. Even though I know it would really help me to focus I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do. But man oh man I could have gotten several hours of knitting done if I had knitted in class. Maybe I'll get over my nervousness about it next week.

Completed sock pictures to come! :-)

Edited: I finished Michelle's Socks:

Image hosted by

Started: Monday, August 15, 2005
Finished: Thursday, August 25, 2005
Knitting Time: 10.5 hours
Yarn: Regia Stretch- color #91
Needles: Bamboo DPN size 3
Pattern: Cast on 48, 2x2 rib for 1."
#1 I finally feel like I'm starting to get somewhere with knitting... projects are getting completed, and quickly... I don't feel like I'm not ever getting anywhere (two negatives in one sentence, sorry.) I feel like I'm finally advancing as a knitter... BRING IT ON!
#2 This yarn is a BIG, HUGE, hit. I still have almost a full ball left... I'm going to cast on a pair of anklets for mom.

That's all.

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