Tuesday, August 30, 2005

No More Felting

Okay, I have to do one more felted bag (for my sister) and then I quit. I haven't been happy with any that I've done since the booga bag.

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It's like the leaning tower of pisa. Okay, so that's all in the "blocking" of it. I didn't have a box that was the right size to dry it over. Some were too big some were too small... so now it looks like a cube with muscles. I like the colors. I like the stripes, I like the handles. But let's discuss the other problem, shall we?

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This is where an 8" separating zipper is supposed to go. Let me just take a moment to say that my "flaps" are only 6" long. An 8" zipper will not fit. I think I could pull off a 7" zipper, but alas I can't find that size on-line. I'm pissed. Flat out angry and pissed. Thank god it only took me 3 days to do. What a waste of $30.00.

Anyway, so I now have 3 projects on the needles. (We're not even going to TALK about Zander's cardigan.... I'm pretending it doesn't exist.)
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On the left. Hopeful. I casted on for it last night.The wool cotton (by Rowan) is the MOST amazing thing to work with... it's like butter. I think I've found a new favorite yarn. The color is aqua, and discontinued... that makes it even more like knitting with Gold! ;-) I'm also using addi turbos. My first time. Lovely! :-) I'm thinking of getting a pair in size 8 to do Birch with. Do you think the joins will be okay? I haven't seem to be able to knit lace (or attempt to knit lace) on anything but straights.

In the Middle is my next project for Warm The World. The yarn is paton's classic wool. It was left over from my failed carpet bag. I'm knitting this hat continental style. For anyone that learned on continental or who has never attempted continental doesn't realize what a big thing that is. But for anyone that has converted or tried continental-- you know. The knitting I have no problem with. The purling is a little tricker... but I'm finally learning to let my left index finger help with the "threading" of the stitch. This is my practice in continental purling so that I can hold one color in each hand for my fair isle cardigan.

And finally. My mom's anklet(s). This is the same yarn I did michelle's socks with. My mom loved it. So she gets a pair of anklets out of them.

Okay... I'm outta here... just an update. By the way... if you haven't already, scroll down to yesterday's post and put in your vote for my knitting needle count to win some yarn. I'm going to pull the contest tomorrow sometime. Because my mom and I will be finishing the circular needle holder tonight. No, really, I know I said Sunday, but I mean it. Tonight. (I hope.)

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