Monday, August 08, 2005


Kari's Baby Blanket: Has reached 24" in length. Although I've still got about 12" left I feel like I'm getting to the home stretch... which is also causing some really simple frustrating mistakes (and frogging) because I'm rushing.
Zander's Cardigan: Since finishing the hood and one sleeve is on my august goals I have picked this dag-on thing back up. I cast on for the hood and knit for about 2 hours and I have about 3" to show for it. I've finally realized why I hate this project so much. I could have knit a full size sweater for myself in the amount of time it has taken me to knit with this god-awful cotton yarn. Not that I have anything against cotton yarn... just this stuff. Have I mentioned it's awful. I'll get there.
New Projects: I have just purchased this pattern and will begin it next week sometime when the yarn that I'm about to order arrives.
This means that my tank top that I ordered yarn for and have completed the pattern altering for (My first August goal completed.) has been put on hold. This shirt is just TOO cute not to knit!! What do you think... Aqua or Lavish ?
Modena: I mentioned wanting to knit Modena with the Jaeger Matchmaker my secret pal sent me, but what I failed to realize is that I have DK matckmaker, not 4ply matchmaker :-( Bummer. Anyone have any jaeger patterns lieing around for Matchmaker DK?

And finally: I will be out of town tomorrow until Wednesday the 17th. So if I don't e-mail or post, you'll know why. Happy Knitting.

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