Friday, September 30, 2005

Late Late Late

A late post, late in the month about late finishes.

"Finishes?" you say? "What finishes?"
This finish:
Image hosted by
Details Of Erin's Felted Bag:
Started: Saturday, September 17, 2005
Finished: Friday, Sepetember 30, 2005
Knitting Time: 6.25 hours total. 5 hours of knitting, 1 hour of I-Cords, .25 hours of finishing.
Yarn: Wool of the Andes. 4 skeins Cherry blossom, 4 skeins Coal, Less than one skein Cloud
Needles: 24" size 15 bamboo, size 11 DPN
Pattern: From Pursenalities.
Lesson: I don't like felted bags. No more.

Anyway... here's this also (not a finish):
Image hosted by
My fair isle swatch.

and... my my, what have we here?
2 kudos for the person that can guess! :-)
Image hosted by

Finally... look what I found in the closet today? My first ever scarf. HA HA HA, check out all those decreases & increases I did. What a mess. And it's SOOO wide. What was I thinking?
Image hosted by
It it wasn't mohair I'd frog it... the colors are beautiful. what a waste. but I'll keep it and treasure it forever because it was mine! :-)

And finally... I leave you with this on a night where I am childless (he's with grandma linda tonight)
This is pretty much how I feel:
Image hosted by

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Let's Aggitate!

First off, I received two comments regarding my "five hour sock." Was that truely that fast? I used size 7 needles, and worsted weight wool. But the leg is 9.25" from top of leg to the top of the heel flap and 11.25" from ankle to toe. It's a monsterous sock. I've always viewed myself as a "slow" knitter, but am glad to hear that it seemed quick. WOO HOO!!!

Anyway... here she is... ready to go in the washer (after zander wakes up from his nap, as the laundry room is directly above his room. too loud.)

Image hosted by
[The white tape measure is there for size reference.]

I was really worried about getting this done in time for my Sept. goals... but it's all in the washer's hands now.

Now all that's left to do is my fair isle swatch. yeah yeah, I'm going I'm going. Right now. Geez.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Almost Finished Objects

Okay here we go...
Erin's bag pre-felting (all I have left to do are the i-cord handles:)
Image hosted by
The dimensions are 17" wide X 18" tall X 4.5" deep. This bag was slightly annoying to knit.... but it looks SOO "divaish" just like my sister, Erin.
picture reminder of Erin:
Image hosted by
Total Diva. I don't understand how 2 siblings can be sooo different. And yes, she's my younger sister, and yes, she is taller than me. Much taller than me. She also has bigger boobs. But I don't like to talk about it.

And now.... here is Dick's first completed sock:
Image hosted by
Do you remember the plain red socks I made for mom? Here. Read my lesson learned. "If I ever use solid color sock yarn again it will be with a pattern... not plain boring red, knit socks." A lesson learned is not a lesson learned unless it's actually LEARNED. DUH! Anyway, the good news is that it only took me 5 hours to knit this sock... so that's only about 2.5 days of knitting... I should be able to get it done in the next week or so. [cross fingers]

I'm already beginning to think of October's goals and September isn't even over yet. I still have to do my swatch for my fair isle cardigan. I may get to that tonight. We'll see how good I feel after 7 hours of lecture.

I felt guilty after walking away from posting that I haven't started my fair isle swatch yet. But I have done preperation. So, more for myself than anyone, here is proof of the effort that I've done:
Image hosted by
I blew up the chart (which was a bigger feat that I care to share-- the printer/scanner was acting up.) and I've wound a few bobbins. I still need to wind the tan, purple, and green. I'm not sure if bobbins is the right way to go with such a large project but it will work great for the swatch... with the last few felted bags I've done I've learned that I HATE balls of yarn swinging everywhere... these will be much smaller. But it will probably mean many more ends to weave in too. I'm still really questioning my green choice. I'm beginning to think a mint/pastel green would be better. We'll see how the swatch comes out.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Zander is Two

It's hard to believe that Zander is 2 today!
Image hosted by
It seems like only yesterday I was screaming profanities at the delivery doctor one minute and then holding zander in my arms and crying the next.

Motherhood has definitly been a huge challenge for me. I never wanted kids (even though I am and was too young to make that decision.) I'm still not very "maternal" and sometimes I wonder if I give Zander too much freedom too early.

I still don't really like kids (although there is rarely one I meet that I don't end up adoring) and I still have a lot of pet peeves about parents. I still wake up in the morning and wonder if I'm doing/saying the right things. I heard someone at work say to another co-worker "Mel doesn't let her son get away with anything. No means no in that household." The biggest peeve I have about other children and their parents is when the control tables are turned. I've learned to pick my battles and pick what I say "no" to. If I say "no" I know that I must then fight it to the death.

I still worry about Zander's speech and the fact that he walks on the insides of his feet. I wonder if I'm too protective and if it will be worse now that I'm a single mother. I wonder if I'll be able to potty train him, and I wonder when the "right" time to start is. I wonder if I slack a little bit on the fact that Zander doesn't like meat.

Truth of the matter is, today my son is two... and he's a pleasant two year old if I do say so myself. I'm learning more and more every day, and I'm proud of the job I've done so far.

**** okay so onto the knitting content.*****
My camera batter is dieing (I don't know where the charger is yet) so please ignore the bad pictures.

Erin's felted bag is coming along.
Image hosted by
Those colors are TOTALLY wrong... it is HOT pink and black. Not redish orange & black. I don't really like photographing pre-felted items... they're kind of like taking pictures of lace "during" because they never really look like much. That bottom hunk of black is going to be the bottom of the bag. I have about 20 rows left to go. And then i-cords and then in the washer it goes. I'm trying really hard to get it done in time for October so that I can check that off my september goals list.

Here is Uncle Dick's sock:
Image hosted by
That is 7" into the 11" foot. I swear, if these things were done in true sock weight yarn they wouldn't get done until this time NEXT year.
I hope to get this sock done by the beginning of next week.

Okay, so, someone help me here...
I'm thinking I want to make myself a sweater/cardigan. I have the Rowan Calmer book which I just LOVE.

I'm thinking of making Air, Cloud, or Hush.
BUT... I've been flaking out on almost every garmet I've made (tried to make) in the last few months so I really want to stick with an inexpensive yarn so that I CAN flake out on it if need be. I'm thinking maybe either caron's simply soft for a easy care or wool of the andes (though it isn't really soft enough for a garmet in my humble opinion.) Can anyone offer another worsted weight yarn that is inexpensive but would make a good garmet?

I'm off to find the battery charger... hmmm... where did I leave it?

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Sunday, September 25, 2005


My normal knitting position. Notice Roxy on my lap in the bottom corner of the picture... stop watch to the left and knitting.

Now, while uploading this picture and shrinking it I named it. This is the first sock of my Uncle Dick's Birthday present.... so I of course, named the picture: Dick Sock. Hmmmm.... my sex life MUST be lacking. ;-)

That's 2.25 hours of knitting... and I'm at the start of the gusset... should be an 8 hour project. Big wool and big needles make for quick sock knitting. And they'll be nice and cozy in his cold house. (His wife will not turn the heat above 65 degrees during the winter.) And no, they don't heat their house with Gas. But with Electric. She just likes it cold. But now my dear old Uncle Dick won't have cold feet!


Sorry for the lousy post... today is Zander's 2nd Birthday Party... lots to do.

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Friday, September 23, 2005

On Deck

At the beginning of the month I said I was getting organized.... I never finished talking about that. I have lots of projects "on deck" and since I am not able to buy any yarn currently this post is all about the projects I have waiting for me. More for me than for you... but if I inspire you then that's fantastic too! :-)

These are in no certain order-- this is not the order I will knit them.
Project #1:
Image hosted by
Sidar Pure Cotton. From Nic. I think it will be a cardigan for Zander... or something for him... I've given up on his other cotton cardigan because it was atrocious yarn (you get what you pay for) but this one should go better.

Project #2:
Image hosted by
5 skeins of cotton cashmere. Tank top for me. I'm thinking maybe soleil?

Project #3:
Image hosted by
2 skeins wildflower d.k. A draw string notions bag for my knitting "stuff." I don't have a pattern...I intend to make it up as I go along. ha ha ha.

Project #4:
Image hosted by
This is the pattern I altered a few months ago. It will be a diagonally striped tank top that comes to a V in the front... hard to explain and I can't find the pattern at the moment... but will add/edit later.

Project #5:
Image hosted by
Warm the World Baby Blanket. I think it will be the big bad baby blanket again. The white will be the border and the purple and pink will be the squares.

Project #6:
Image hosted by
Two Noro Daria belts. You can see what I'm putting this off... this "yarn" does NOT take well to being wound. But I have the D hooks and everything, they shouldn't take long. And they'll be super cute.

Project #7:
Image hosted by
Another quicky easy project for me. Paton's whisper. It's not like me to like novelty, but these are totally my colors so I'll make myself a "fun" scarf.

Project #8:
Image hosted by
This is the eyelash yarn I need to make The Felted Monster Slippers for Erin. I hope to have them done by Christmas as well. Just need the wool.

Not bad huh? I think that should keep me busy for the rest of the year.

Mom and I are asking santa for a swift and ball winder for christmas.... someone tell me about swifts... metal vs. wood... cheap vs expensive. Speaking of ball winders... did you see Kathy's good deal. Bitch. ;-)

And finally... thanks for all the kind comments/tips about birch. I'm still plugging away... I'm not discouraged yet. And you shouldn't be either Kathie... I'm sure it's just my two year old distracting me. I know better than to knit on that when he's awake. And I will be implimenting lifetimes this time around. I was on the house boat this weekend so didn't have extra yarn to put them in... but I will now, TRUST ME!!!


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Thursday, September 22, 2005


Kathie (no blog- although she needs to start one) asked me how birch was coming. I was avoiding this at all costs until I had something to show... but brace yourself... here she is so far.

Image hosted by

That's 5, count them, FIVE failed attempts. I get past the first repeat and wham something goes wrong. On my last attempt I had 2 full repeats and went back to row 1 and at the end I was left with 11 stitches, not the 9 I was supposed to have. I tinked back an entire row. That's 279 stitches my lovlies. And then I was short 5 stitches... I only had 274. SHIT. FUCK. DAMN. I pull the mohair off the needles (again) stuck it in the freezer (again) and my mom took sympathy on me and unravelled it last night while I was at school. I have some alpaca cloud here that I'm going to try again with. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pattern. I love the leaves, I love the jelly green I'm using, but I've got to master this pattern first. I'm suprised (knowing me normally) that I haven't tossed it completely. I really want this shawl. But I'll use the blue alpaca cloud (from and see if I can't master the pattern before I waste anymore of this precious kid silk haze. Someone that has knitted birch... can you tell me... did you use all 3 skeins... because I am going to be short if you did. :-(

I didn't get to knit one stitch yesterday. Not one stinking stitch!! But I did think about knitting a lot. And it's funny that with my life right now, even though I'm knitting:
1) A project I don't like (Erin's felted bag)
2) A project that just really isn't working (Birch)

Knitting is my sanity. Knitting is my relaxation. Knitting is my escape. To a non-knitter... what a dork, but to a fellow knitter... I'm sure you understand. Where would I be without my knitting?

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A relaxing weekend

I had THE BEST time on the boat this weekend. Surrounded by family and friends, and Zander is all one could ask for. I got to "ignore" everything that was going on in my life. Since I was physically away from phones & internet there was nothing I could do pertaining to my divorce. I'll tell you what, though. Reality set in like a bomb shell again on the way home. I'm doing everything to move this along as fast as I can. Nick is really dragging his feet. Until I get to peace with the fact that I AM doing everything in my humanly power I will be restless.

But, onto the knitting. Getting back on track with my September goals. I started Erin's felted bag. (there's not enough to merit a picture.)

And, I have THIS:

Image hosted by
[let's pretend I'm not wearing my pajamas and let's pretend that my hair doesn't look like that! ;-)]

Image hosted by
[let's pretend I'm wearing something that matches]


Started: Thursday, September 15, 2005
Finished: Saturday, September 17, 2005
Knitting Time: 4.0 hours total. 3.75 hours of knitting & .25 hours of finishing.
Yarn: Silk from Nic.
Needles: Size 8 &5, bamboo circulars.
Lesson: I WILL make this again. I already have a long sleeve one planned in my head. And I think I may have found a purpose for buying the "on the edge" book I've been drooling of for so long... I'd like to do something a little different on the sleeve cuffs and around rest of it. Something fun, like cables, or lacey, etc. Such a FUN quick project. I already have requests from family members for one. It's a garmet that only takes 100-200 yards and a few days. What a great gift idea!! Oh yeah, and although this fits-- it's not my ideal TYPE of fit.... so I'll make one size bigger next time.

I'll share some more pictures tomorrow.

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Friday, September 16, 2005

Bye bye

I'm off to boat for the weekend. Houseboating and knitting... what could be better. I'll have a completed one skein wonder to show off when I get back. And hopefully some progress on birch, AND... I found the pattern to my sisters felted bag, so maybe I'll start that. I'm getting back on track with my september goals. everyone have a great weekend... I'll talk to you on tuesday!

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Like I Need A Hole In My Head

I need another project [that's right folks, say it with me] LIKE I NEED A HOLE IN MY HEAD.

And yet, what do we have here?
Image hosted by
My, my, it's a one skein wonder. And what yarn is that? My friends, that is beautiful heavenly, open your mouth up and drool silk. Gifted to me by none other than my secret pal Nic. Was I lucky or was I lucky?? It is heaven to knit with and I think it will be heavenly against my skin. And it only takes 100+ yards. Yeah!

And yes, I still only have 3 projects on the needles. But I am doing AWFUL with my September goals.

1. Finish "Hopeful." Yeah, right. Even if I wanted to cast back on for it (I don't) I wouldn't be able to finish on time.
2. Start and Complete Erin's Felted Bag. Pattern? Where's the pattern? I loaned the book out but was smart enough to make a copy of the pattern before I did. Now where did I put it?
3. Finish Soldier's hat for Charity. Okay, so this one's done, but REALLY... it only took 2.5 hours to knit, so that's not much of an accomplishment.
4. Begin "Birch." I've started.
5. Swatch for Fair Isle Cardigan. Not so much. I'm scared. This is a monsterous project. I knew better than to say I would swatch for it if I am also working on birch. that is also a big project.

So yeah, I needed the One skein wonder like I needed a hole in my head!!!

P.S. I found a boy. Okay, so I know that I'm not even CLOSE to there. But the fact that I could have a conversation with a guy without thinking, "I'll bet he's a scumbag" is a good thing, and it's a step forward, right? And he is cute! ;-)

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Done & Done

Soldier hat:

Image hosted by
Started: Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
Finished: Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Knitting Time: 2.5 Hours
Yarn: Paton's Merino Wool, less than 1 skein.
Needles: size 8 bamboo
Pattern: Ann Norlin #40
Lesson: Gauge.

and Raq Quilt:
Image hosted by
Roxy is checking it out too.

Image hosted by

I cast on for Birch last night. 30 minutes to cast on, 30 minutes to knit the first row. I think I may have made a mistake already. YAY! I'll post pictures later this week when I have a few free moments, and something to show for it. Thanks for the pattern. (you know who you are.)

That's all for today. Not much in the mood for talking.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Hopeful and Winter Wear

I finished my handspun handpainted scarf with the yarn that Nic sent me! :-)
Image hosted by
Started: Friday Sept 9, 2005
Finished: Sunday Sept 11, 2005
Knitting Time: 2.0 Hours
Yarn: Handpainted, Handyed yarn from Nic
Needles: Size 17 Birch
Pattern: Knit all. Finished size 5" x 48"
Lesson: None. This was my first Agressive blocking. I really wanted it longer than it knit up and the agressive blocking worked. It was fun!
I'm going to get a coordinating yarn for my winter hat once I get a bit more money.

And here is hopeful now:
Image hosted by

I did this last night when I started on my sleeve for a second time and the short rows were still coming out wonky. Mom said I shouldn't rip it, that I was just feeling destructive. I ripped it anyway, and it felt so good, and it still feels good this morning. Maybe I'm still feeling destructive. ;-)

Meeting with lawyer today. Got an e-mail from nick. I have him in writing saying he'll pay off the credit card he maxed out in my name. The money we owe on our honda, and a good amount in child support. I have a good feeling about this. He's still denying the affair. Says it was his friend Ashley. (I didn't know it was okay for him to have girl "friends" that said, "I love you." I knew of this girl, but only because he told me about a night he went to a bar and the guys he went with were hitting on the bartender. Hmmm. Yeah, okay, I believe you.
I guess even though it's hurtful it's irrelivant now. Doesn't matter.
Moving up and on.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005


My (Not So) Secret Pal's Blog: Go say "hi!"

My Personal Goals:
1. Have a full time Job by Christmas.
2. Have divorice (or seperation) finalized by February. I realize that the Soldier and Sailor Relief Act makes some of this out of my control. I will try to accept this.
3. Move out (or at least have purchased house) by May 26, 2006. That will be my 24th birthday.
4. Don't date for at least 6 months.
5. Definitly look at boys (men) and appreciate their beauty. Even though the thought of them makes me want to grab their balls and rip them off scream, right now.

My Current Projects:
1. Hopeful.
2. Soldier Hat for Warm the world.
3. Mom's Socks.

Projects On Deck:
-- MUST RESIST TO CAST ON NOW!-- For every project I complete I can cast on one more. Only 3 allowed at one time! ;-)
1. Birch with this.
2. Sweater with Rowan Homespun 4 ply.
3. Uncle Dick's Socks.
4. Erin's Felted Bag.

*Whew I feel better. Those lists have been driving me nuts... they've been bouncing around my head like crazy.

By the way... Dan has so graciously volunteered to give my angora a loving home in exchanged for spinning my locks and merino! WOO HOO! Nic and I are interested to see how the locks turn out. :-)

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Rascal Flatts & Secret Pal Gifts

Check these out! Picture heavy post again.
This is me and family before I went to the rascal flatts concert last night.

Image hosted by
Aunt Erin & Zander

Image hosted by
Erin & me

Image hosted by
Mark, (Erin's boyfriend, the black irish hiking scarf's future owner) Erin, and me. We're all laughing because he's really short. The same size as me, and shorter than my little sister. He was standing on his tippytoes! ;-)

Image hosted by
Zander & I. See how big he's getting? And I wonder why my back hurts all the time!

And look what I got from my secret pal!
Image hosted by
This is 5 skeins of coal colored 4 ply soft. YUMMY! What to mak, what to make?
I also got this really cool bracelet kit by DMC. It was funny, I was just thinking the other day, "I need to remember to get my cross stitch stuff out of the shed in CT. I should pick it back up a little bit." Well this isn't cross stitch, but it's still cute! Totally me! :-)

Image hosted by
This was my 2nd favorite item in the box. I didn't even get a picture of it in the skein... it's beautiful. I couldn't resist casting on for a scarf. I think I will get some lamb's pride in a color from this hand dyed, handspun yarn, and make myself a coordinating hat and mittens for this winter on campus! :-)

Image hosted by
This is so amazing, and so depressing in the same shot... the plastic container is FILLED with angora hair nic clipped from the angora rabbits she cares for. The left is Jaeger Chamonix. 48% angora. The depressing part? I can't wear angora. My mom saw it and said, "oh mel, don't you remember the white angora sweater you had in grade school?" Nope, I don't, but apparently it made me itch. :-( I think I need a friend with a spinning wheel.... If I gift them the angora maybe they'll spin this for me:

Image hosted by
Well, not the stuff on the left... that's a mystery yarn... it's so soft... what is it? But the two others... that's wenslydale locks and merino... hand dyed in a BEAUTIFUL colorway. So who wants angora??? Who wants to spin the wenslydale locks (and maybe the merino) in exchange for angora? I'm afraid I'm not talented enough to spin the locks myself, but they're just so beautiful and rich that I just HAVE to have it spun up. Yummy!!!

And... my favorite part of the entire package and my favorite gift from my pal is this:
Image hosted by
TEN (count them TEN) skeins of rowan homespun 4ply. It' is a beautiful light khaki color... I'm already searching for the perfect pattern. How did I get such a WONDERFUL secret pal???

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Friday, September 09, 2005


I got my package Nic!!! Thanks so much... I haven't gotten to really go through it yet, so I will do that and post pictures... I have the BEST secret pal.

What's your blog addy Nic?

THANKS A MILLION... proper thanks to come!!!

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Letting Go

"Timing is everything
Sometimes you have to let go of things.
Sometimes you have to hold on.
Oddly enough, this can happen at the same moment.
And it's enough to freak a person out."
-Mimsie, September 6, 2005

I took this DIRECTLY from Mimsie's blog. I hope you don't mind dear mimsie. It's so well written and SOOO me right now, that IT freaked ME out. I think your quote has become my new mantra. Cool?

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Half Hopeful

That's me today. Half Hopeful. I'm having a harder time with everything that's going on today than I did yesterday. I still have a ton of things to do to prepare my case, but the fun "rewarding" ones like leaving him w/o car insurance, a cell phone, etc are done. Now are the not so fun ones... like getting copies of bank statements that show his "online activities" and the credit card in my name that he maxed out in one week while I was home visiting family.

I'm having serious issues with the whole custody thing. I don't want to cut him completely out of zander's life or vise versa, but I also don't want to set Zander up for any hurt or pain. There's a lot more to that, but, it's a touchy subject so I'll leave it at that. I woke up this morning feeling like I just needed to talk to someone. My lawyer suggested counseling and I am definitly interested... now to see what my crappy health care will cover. Can I make Nick pay for that too?

Anyway, so, halfway hopeful is here:
Image hosted by

Image hosted by
I'm just a few short rows (no pun intended) from finishing the first sleeve. It was my first experience with short row shaping... and I think that is kind of apparant, but I'm okay with it, because it is mine, and I will wear it proud and remember it as the garmet/project that marked a turn in my life.

My parents have decided to go boating this weekend, and since I have to work on Saturday they've volunteered to take Zander. Which is nice. I haven't been sleeping well in the last week, and so I could use some catch up time. I think I need to get this done so that I can start playing with my kid silk haze for when I start birch.

I still need to post my stash future project pictures... I'll get to that. ;-)

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Personal Post

Added: I have an attorney! :-) I meet with her on Monday. Wish me luck.

First off, thank you to everyone that wrote me. I try to keep this blog as "impersonal" as I can, but since a lot of people are asking (and probably more are wondering that didn't e-mail) I'll take the time now, to get a few things off my chest and fill everyone in. As most know... this whole ordeal started in May. Nick has some "personal addiction" problems, some monetary spending problems, and now, I've discovered some personal/women/adulter problems. And that's what hurts the most. But it's amazing what will fuel someone. I'm speaking of anger here. I'm getting sooo much done today being fueled by this. I have already started seperating bills, etc. And I wish I could be there when he pulls into his next port to find out that he's cellphoneless. As petty as that may sound, it's driving me at this point in the actual divorice to get these small tokens of satisfaction.

Since Nick is in the military there are a few kinks,problems, challenges in the legal aspect. I am in the process of finding an attorney that is certified in dealing with divorice cases such as these (military.) My family lawyer is being a great deal of help for that. At the small price of an hourly rate of course! ;-)

One e-mail told me that I need to file for custody of Zander. Rest assured I am. I doubt that he will try to gain full custody as the military lifestyle is not friendly to single parents (he would not be able to be deployed and would thus not get anywhere in his career.) I do worry about him trying to get any sort of custody that isn't supervised. Reasoning? With his sexual addiction problem, I'm concered about the rearch I've done about them "getting it somewhere" and becoming molesters and petefiles. If he wants to have testing and proof from knowledgable (doctor) sources that this is not a concern in this case then I will CERTAINLY allow him to come to Cincinnati and visit his son. I hope that he DOES do that, as I don't want to be the one Zander resents later in life. But at this point he is too helpless to tell me if something that shouldn't happen does happen.

So that's where all this stands. I will be okay. It is for the better. And once I get over the feeling of wanting to throw up, I'll really be able to move on and forward.
Anyone know of any good full time jobs in Cincinnati/northern kentucky?! ;-)

Thanks for all the well wishes and offers of help.
I can't wait to start on birch... my first project of my new life! :-)

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Birch Pattern Plea

Look what I got in the mail today:

Image hosted by

My dilemia/plea? I am unable to afford to buy the pattern right now due to some major financial constraints I was just made aware of. (Nick dumped the savings account and ran... good judgement call in marrying him, and not getting divorice papers filed sooner, huh?) So I was really hoping to knit this anyway, because I could really use it as a comfort/prayer shawl right now. And I think the action of knitting this would demand a lot of attention which would be very helpful in keeping my mind off of things for a little while everyday.

So anyway, my plea... Does anyone have a copy of birch that they could live without? I'd be willing to trade... you know, black and white copy for black and white [photo]copy. (shhh, don't tell) I have rowan's calmer book which has a ton of neat patterns I would trade for. Check out the patterns for rowan calmer here.

Please e-mail me at zandersmommyATgmailDOTcom if you'd be willing to work something out.

I know that kiri is a free pattern on the web, and although I like the pattern and intend to make it for my mom with the red jeagar mohair my secret pal gave me, I just really wanted to make birch (without the center increasing holes that kiri has) for myself.

Thanks much!

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Fall organization

This is part 1 of a two day organization fest.
Dan and crafty wench are getting it together... I need to as well.

Here is my Kentucky Stash: [picture heavy, sorry.]

Image hosted by
Acrylic yarns for warm the world projects.

Image hosted by
Cotton yarns

Image hosted by
Novelty Yarns

Image hosted by
Sock Yarn

Image hosted by
More Sock Yarn

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Animal Fiber Yarn

And my oh so favorite part of my stash that I just stare at and touch:
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My jaeger cashmere.
I know I want to make a scarf out of it, but I just haven't found the right pattern for it... but I'm dieing to make it to have it ready for fall days... any suggestions? I am really looking forward to having that soft stuff against my neck on crisp autumn days.

Anyway, tomorrow will have pictures of yarn divided by project. I need to get organized (and take some time off from buying yarn.) I hope I don't bore anyone, but maybe I'll give you guys a kick in the butt to get your stash or project lists organized!

Until then.

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