Thursday, September 22, 2005


Kathie (no blog- although she needs to start one) asked me how birch was coming. I was avoiding this at all costs until I had something to show... but brace yourself... here she is so far.

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That's 5, count them, FIVE failed attempts. I get past the first repeat and wham something goes wrong. On my last attempt I had 2 full repeats and went back to row 1 and at the end I was left with 11 stitches, not the 9 I was supposed to have. I tinked back an entire row. That's 279 stitches my lovlies. And then I was short 5 stitches... I only had 274. SHIT. FUCK. DAMN. I pull the mohair off the needles (again) stuck it in the freezer (again) and my mom took sympathy on me and unravelled it last night while I was at school. I have some alpaca cloud here that I'm going to try again with. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pattern. I love the leaves, I love the jelly green I'm using, but I've got to master this pattern first. I'm suprised (knowing me normally) that I haven't tossed it completely. I really want this shawl. But I'll use the blue alpaca cloud (from and see if I can't master the pattern before I waste anymore of this precious kid silk haze. Someone that has knitted birch... can you tell me... did you use all 3 skeins... because I am going to be short if you did. :-(

I didn't get to knit one stitch yesterday. Not one stinking stitch!! But I did think about knitting a lot. And it's funny that with my life right now, even though I'm knitting:
1) A project I don't like (Erin's felted bag)
2) A project that just really isn't working (Birch)

Knitting is my sanity. Knitting is my relaxation. Knitting is my escape. To a non-knitter... what a dork, but to a fellow knitter... I'm sure you understand. Where would I be without my knitting?

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