Thursday, September 08, 2005

Half Hopeful

That's me today. Half Hopeful. I'm having a harder time with everything that's going on today than I did yesterday. I still have a ton of things to do to prepare my case, but the fun "rewarding" ones like leaving him w/o car insurance, a cell phone, etc are done. Now are the not so fun ones... like getting copies of bank statements that show his "online activities" and the credit card in my name that he maxed out in one week while I was home visiting family.

I'm having serious issues with the whole custody thing. I don't want to cut him completely out of zander's life or vise versa, but I also don't want to set Zander up for any hurt or pain. There's a lot more to that, but, it's a touchy subject so I'll leave it at that. I woke up this morning feeling like I just needed to talk to someone. My lawyer suggested counseling and I am definitly interested... now to see what my crappy health care will cover. Can I make Nick pay for that too?

Anyway, so, halfway hopeful is here:
Image hosted by

Image hosted by
I'm just a few short rows (no pun intended) from finishing the first sleeve. It was my first experience with short row shaping... and I think that is kind of apparant, but I'm okay with it, because it is mine, and I will wear it proud and remember it as the garmet/project that marked a turn in my life.

My parents have decided to go boating this weekend, and since I have to work on Saturday they've volunteered to take Zander. Which is nice. I haven't been sleeping well in the last week, and so I could use some catch up time. I think I need to get this done so that I can start playing with my kid silk haze for when I start birch.

I still need to post my stash future project pictures... I'll get to that. ;-)

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