Monday, September 12, 2005

Hopeful and Winter Wear

I finished my handspun handpainted scarf with the yarn that Nic sent me! :-)
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Started: Friday Sept 9, 2005
Finished: Sunday Sept 11, 2005
Knitting Time: 2.0 Hours
Yarn: Handpainted, Handyed yarn from Nic
Needles: Size 17 Birch
Pattern: Knit all. Finished size 5" x 48"
Lesson: None. This was my first Agressive blocking. I really wanted it longer than it knit up and the agressive blocking worked. It was fun!
I'm going to get a coordinating yarn for my winter hat once I get a bit more money.

And here is hopeful now:
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I did this last night when I started on my sleeve for a second time and the short rows were still coming out wonky. Mom said I shouldn't rip it, that I was just feeling destructive. I ripped it anyway, and it felt so good, and it still feels good this morning. Maybe I'm still feeling destructive. ;-)

Meeting with lawyer today. Got an e-mail from nick. I have him in writing saying he'll pay off the credit card he maxed out in my name. The money we owe on our honda, and a good amount in child support. I have a good feeling about this. He's still denying the affair. Says it was his friend Ashley. (I didn't know it was okay for him to have girl "friends" that said, "I love you." I knew of this girl, but only because he told me about a night he went to a bar and the guys he went with were hitting on the bartender. Hmmm. Yeah, okay, I believe you.
I guess even though it's hurtful it's irrelivant now. Doesn't matter.
Moving up and on.

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