Monday, September 05, 2005

Hopeful to finish

After 10.5 hours of knitting this is what I have:

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Looks like I'll be pretty close to my estimate of 16 hours. I hope to have it done to wear to work this weekend.
That's a "completed" front (shaping is done... still need to add the collar) and I have started the arm hole shapings. Zander has seen me measure this thing a million and one times in the last 7 days so there he is in the bottom left corner with my tape measure getting ready to help!
Speaking of hopefuls, check out Claudia's.

Stunning huh? I hope mine looks that good. I'm still debating whether to make the little tassle things in the front. I think I might like it a little more plain, but then again, maybe when it's completed I'd end up saying, "ooo, it needs something."

So far (knock on wood) this has been an enjoyable knit. I did end up altering the neckline slightly so that it wouldn't be AS low cut.

Mom and I went shopping at Hancock Fabrics this morning. All their notions were 50% off. I walked out with:

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That's dmc floss for the little bit of finishing that is required on Hopeful, pins for blocking 4 d-rings (for two daria noro belts) and a tape measure. All that for $6.00. I feel like I made out. I love "dollar items." ;-)

That's all for now, off to get dinner ready.
Happy Labor Day.

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