Friday, September 30, 2005

Late Late Late

A late post, late in the month about late finishes.

"Finishes?" you say? "What finishes?"
This finish:
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Details Of Erin's Felted Bag:
Started: Saturday, September 17, 2005
Finished: Friday, Sepetember 30, 2005
Knitting Time: 6.25 hours total. 5 hours of knitting, 1 hour of I-Cords, .25 hours of finishing.
Yarn: Wool of the Andes. 4 skeins Cherry blossom, 4 skeins Coal, Less than one skein Cloud
Needles: 24" size 15 bamboo, size 11 DPN
Pattern: From Pursenalities.
Lesson: I don't like felted bags. No more.

Anyway... here's this also (not a finish):
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My fair isle swatch.

and... my my, what have we here?
2 kudos for the person that can guess! :-)
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Finally... look what I found in the closet today? My first ever scarf. HA HA HA, check out all those decreases & increases I did. What a mess. And it's SOOO wide. What was I thinking?
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It it wasn't mohair I'd frog it... the colors are beautiful. what a waste. but I'll keep it and treasure it forever because it was mine! :-)

And finally... I leave you with this on a night where I am childless (he's with grandma linda tonight)
This is pretty much how I feel:
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