Sunday, September 11, 2005


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My Personal Goals:
1. Have a full time Job by Christmas.
2. Have divorice (or seperation) finalized by February. I realize that the Soldier and Sailor Relief Act makes some of this out of my control. I will try to accept this.
3. Move out (or at least have purchased house) by May 26, 2006. That will be my 24th birthday.
4. Don't date for at least 6 months.
5. Definitly look at boys (men) and appreciate their beauty. Even though the thought of them makes me want to grab their balls and rip them off scream, right now.

My Current Projects:
1. Hopeful.
2. Soldier Hat for Warm the world.
3. Mom's Socks.

Projects On Deck:
-- MUST RESIST TO CAST ON NOW!-- For every project I complete I can cast on one more. Only 3 allowed at one time! ;-)
1. Birch with this.
2. Sweater with Rowan Homespun 4 ply.
3. Uncle Dick's Socks.
4. Erin's Felted Bag.

*Whew I feel better. Those lists have been driving me nuts... they've been bouncing around my head like crazy.

By the way... Dan has so graciously volunteered to give my angora a loving home in exchanged for spinning my locks and merino! WOO HOO! Nic and I are interested to see how the locks turn out. :-)

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