Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Personal Post

Added: I have an attorney! :-) I meet with her on Monday. Wish me luck.

First off, thank you to everyone that wrote me. I try to keep this blog as "impersonal" as I can, but since a lot of people are asking (and probably more are wondering that didn't e-mail) I'll take the time now, to get a few things off my chest and fill everyone in. As most know... this whole ordeal started in May. Nick has some "personal addiction" problems, some monetary spending problems, and now, I've discovered some personal/women/adulter problems. And that's what hurts the most. But it's amazing what will fuel someone. I'm speaking of anger here. I'm getting sooo much done today being fueled by this. I have already started seperating bills, etc. And I wish I could be there when he pulls into his next port to find out that he's cellphoneless. As petty as that may sound, it's driving me at this point in the actual divorice to get these small tokens of satisfaction.

Since Nick is in the military there are a few kinks,problems, challenges in the legal aspect. I am in the process of finding an attorney that is certified in dealing with divorice cases such as these (military.) My family lawyer is being a great deal of help for that. At the small price of an hourly rate of course! ;-)

One e-mail told me that I need to file for custody of Zander. Rest assured I am. I doubt that he will try to gain full custody as the military lifestyle is not friendly to single parents (he would not be able to be deployed and would thus not get anywhere in his career.) I do worry about him trying to get any sort of custody that isn't supervised. Reasoning? With his sexual addiction problem, I'm concered about the rearch I've done about them "getting it somewhere" and becoming molesters and petefiles. If he wants to have testing and proof from knowledgable (doctor) sources that this is not a concern in this case then I will CERTAINLY allow him to come to Cincinnati and visit his son. I hope that he DOES do that, as I don't want to be the one Zander resents later in life. But at this point he is too helpless to tell me if something that shouldn't happen does happen.

So that's where all this stands. I will be okay. It is for the better. And once I get over the feeling of wanting to throw up, I'll really be able to move on and forward.
Anyone know of any good full time jobs in Cincinnati/northern kentucky?! ;-)

Thanks for all the well wishes and offers of help.
I can't wait to start on birch... my first project of my new life! :-)

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