Sunday, September 25, 2005


My normal knitting position. Notice Roxy on my lap in the bottom corner of the picture... stop watch to the left and knitting.

Now, while uploading this picture and shrinking it I named it. This is the first sock of my Uncle Dick's Birthday present.... so I of course, named the picture: Dick Sock. Hmmmm.... my sex life MUST be lacking. ;-)

That's 2.25 hours of knitting... and I'm at the start of the gusset... should be an 8 hour project. Big wool and big needles make for quick sock knitting. And they'll be nice and cozy in his cold house. (His wife will not turn the heat above 65 degrees during the winter.) And no, they don't heat their house with Gas. But with Electric. She just likes it cold. But now my dear old Uncle Dick won't have cold feet!


Sorry for the lousy post... today is Zander's 2nd Birthday Party... lots to do.

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