Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Zander is Two

It's hard to believe that Zander is 2 today!
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It seems like only yesterday I was screaming profanities at the delivery doctor one minute and then holding zander in my arms and crying the next.

Motherhood has definitly been a huge challenge for me. I never wanted kids (even though I am and was too young to make that decision.) I'm still not very "maternal" and sometimes I wonder if I give Zander too much freedom too early.

I still don't really like kids (although there is rarely one I meet that I don't end up adoring) and I still have a lot of pet peeves about parents. I still wake up in the morning and wonder if I'm doing/saying the right things. I heard someone at work say to another co-worker "Mel doesn't let her son get away with anything. No means no in that household." The biggest peeve I have about other children and their parents is when the control tables are turned. I've learned to pick my battles and pick what I say "no" to. If I say "no" I know that I must then fight it to the death.

I still worry about Zander's speech and the fact that he walks on the insides of his feet. I wonder if I'm too protective and if it will be worse now that I'm a single mother. I wonder if I'll be able to potty train him, and I wonder when the "right" time to start is. I wonder if I slack a little bit on the fact that Zander doesn't like meat.

Truth of the matter is, today my son is two... and he's a pleasant two year old if I do say so myself. I'm learning more and more every day, and I'm proud of the job I've done so far.

**** okay so onto the knitting content.*****
My camera batter is dieing (I don't know where the charger is yet) so please ignore the bad pictures.

Erin's felted bag is coming along.
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Those colors are TOTALLY wrong... it is HOT pink and black. Not redish orange & black. I don't really like photographing pre-felted items... they're kind of like taking pictures of lace "during" because they never really look like much. That bottom hunk of black is going to be the bottom of the bag. I have about 20 rows left to go. And then i-cords and then in the washer it goes. I'm trying really hard to get it done in time for October so that I can check that off my september goals list.

Here is Uncle Dick's sock:
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That is 7" into the 11" foot. I swear, if these things were done in true sock weight yarn they wouldn't get done until this time NEXT year.
I hope to get this sock done by the beginning of next week.

Okay, so, someone help me here...
I'm thinking I want to make myself a sweater/cardigan. I have the Rowan Calmer book which I just LOVE.

I'm thinking of making Air, Cloud, or Hush.
BUT... I've been flaking out on almost every garmet I've made (tried to make) in the last few months so I really want to stick with an inexpensive yarn so that I CAN flake out on it if need be. I'm thinking maybe either caron's simply soft for a easy care or wool of the andes (though it isn't really soft enough for a garmet in my humble opinion.) Can anyone offer another worsted weight yarn that is inexpensive but would make a good garmet?

I'm off to find the battery charger... hmmm... where did I leave it?

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