Monday, October 31, 2005

Stinky The Skunk

Okay, Zander was SOOOO not into Halloween this year. I think it was a combination of feeling sick, not getting enough sleep b/c of the time change, and not wanting anything on his head... but here is what we did get while TRYING to get the head piece on.

Image hosted by
Not so much. ;-) (sorry it's blurry, there was QUITE a bit of movement during that one.)

And mommy & grandpa being good sports since Zander wouldn't.
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

And the pumpkin:
Image hosted by
By the way... note the sock in the picture... I did get a tiny bit of knitting done before it got too dark. Stupid daylight savings time.

I don't think I'll get donna's ribbing done before tomorrow. Oh well. I'm off to read an e-mail from Caitlyn about setting up my own webpage/weblog... I'm SOOO over OH yeah, and thanks to Whit also for her help with blogger templates. I'm not sure I'll use them, I really want to be able to do more with my blog, but thanks for the idea... I'll file it! :-)

I'm also thinking of going the route. Anyone use it? Recommend it?
Is it worth the $4.95 a month?

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Zander carved a pumpkin yesterday! :-)
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

And my halloween celebration? Girls night out went quite well, thanks for asking. Besides waking up sick (not alcohol related, seriously) on Sunday, I had a blast. We've already got another one planned for mid december. We went to a bar called JB's... what a fun time. The staff there was better than any bar I've ever been too... and let's not even mention all the free alcohol.

Image hosted by
That's Marilyn, Tracy, Me, and Jeff (our bartender.)

Check out this costume:
Image hosted by
SUMO! Ha ha ha, I can not even tell you how much fun that guy was!

Anyway, it was a good time.

I don't have any knitting to report, and tomorrow will be trick or treating pictures and November goals. Speaking of... still have the ribbing to do on Donna's one skein wonder... will I make it?

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

By the way...

Isn't he getting big?

Image hosted by
At the Cincinnati Zoo

Image hosted by
Isn't he a STUD?

Image hosted by

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Too Many Socks

Before I get to socks may I just say that I get a WELL DESERVE childless night out bar hopping with Tracy and Marilyn?? WEEEE!!! And not only that, but since I am life and death against drinking & driving I will be staying AWAY for the night, which means good sleep--- AND... if it isn't good enough, I get and extra hour of sleep because of DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME. pics to come.

Anyway, back on topic.... TOO MANY SOCKS:

Hmmm... is this a problem?
Image hosted by

You may remember Uncle Dick's Socks... well, my aunt brought them to work with her last week (we work at the same place) and said, "Buddy [that's the dog] chewed a hole, can you fix them?" FANTASTIC. They're not even 2 weeks old yet, and they're already holey. So I said sure... now I need to undo the kitcheners stitch and go back about 2" (I'm lucky that's all the farther the hole is, or I'd probably just seam it up.)

The black yarn is for Dad's socks... I found 1.5 skeins of patons classic wool in my stash. WOO HOO! Need to cast on for them quickly... as it was part of my October goals.

Anyway, then I have my two pairs of socks... here are detailed photos of them.

Image hosted by
I just finished the gusset on these.

Image hosted by
And I'm getting ready to start the heel flap on these.

Anyone else see a problem with this? I think I may have gone a little overboard for SOCKTOBER.

I really need to force myself to stop working on the socks and get Donna's One Skein Wonder done. I only have a few more days left in the month. I hate picking up stitches!!!

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Autumn Socks

I love autumn. Something about how the air feels crisp and fresh, or maybe it's the vibrant colors of the leaves. Or maybe it's the way I feel like fall is the promise of winter which seems to cleanse mind body and soul, and complete the year on a usually good note.

I also love socks. They are (or will be) these.
Image hosted by

I think I was wrong about the twin ribbed socks. I think they will be big enough. And since they are short cuffs, it's not like they'll be up on my calf (which is fatter) so I pushed on last night with them. I'm at the heel flap.
Image hosted by

I also did some knitting in my policy's class since we were watching "The Farm." I got about 30 minutes of knitting done then.
Today I have been on trying to find a job. While I was picking up mom's dog from the groomer this morning I had a company place a call to me regarding my resume (ALREADY!) I have an 877 # to call back where I have to answer 2 questions.
1- What is your biggest success in life so far?
-- Can Zander be my biggest sucess? Or is that too personal? Should I be more "professional" in my response... maybe talk about my determination to get school done even with working and being a single mom? What do you think.
2-- What is your biggest complaint about your last job?
-- Do I even go there? I mean... they obviously don't fire people there... there was another "Scandal" involving a married male client and a hair stylist years ago when I used to work there. She still has a job. That irritates the life out of me. What is the drive to follow "rules" when there are none? What is the drive to "do better" if they obviously don't care?

Or should I say something generic about the lack of good quality management or organization?

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Giving is Good

Here is the next box I'm sending off to Warm the World.

Image hosted by
I'm sending a shawl, the soldier's hat,3 skeins of bernat baby coordinates (Didn't like knitting with it) and 4 pair of needles. Size 13, 10, and 2 size 8's. I also am sending a cable needle. If you have needles to give up to a good cause see Kathy's Blog.

Image hosted by
When I moved my CT stuff down here I toted a lot of fabric that I know I won't use... so guess who gets it now? :-)

They're also getting various quilt tops [not pictured] in different stages. Most just need borders, backings, and quilting.

Speaking of Connecticut... look what I found up there:

My first clapotis from
way-back-when[March 21st entry.] I'm almost done with it... I had just started the decreases. I wish I remembered the pattern well enough to remember (easily) where I was. This should only be another few hours of knitting time to finish it up. If I don't get to it this year I think I'll make it a goal in January.

Anyway, I'm off to knitwits to get the yarn to finish Donna's OSW. By the way, Piggoia had mentioned using another yarn to finish it... I tried several. Not impressed. Mom had some of the exact same yarn, different color, but there wasn't enough of that either. I don't want to talk about it! :-(

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Awful Blogger & Knitter & socks

Well, I'm still helping out at work... still no time to knit. Hopefully there will be some more time tomorrow after my term paper is done and handed in.

Anyway, knitting news? Not much... I've done a few rows on the baby blanket, and a few rounds on pismo. Not much else... but remember these?
Image hosted by
Pattern better seen here.

Okay, well, they're still the same size, but I'm afraid I'm making the circumfrence too small (that's what I get for not making a gauge swatch) and so I don't have the heart to continue on them or rip them... so they're hiding in the [bottom of my] knitting bag.

But look at these!!!! Beautiful, inspiring pair seen here.

I think I need to start ANOTHER pair of socks. Hey, back off... it's socktober!

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Like A Tornado

My week this week has consisted of a 5:30 wake up call, a 7 am exit from the house, to daycare, then to work, then home at around 7 or 8 pm at night. I worked a total of 30.25 hours in 3 days. I have an 8 page term paper due in 4 short days that I haven't started.
This scares me. I had hoped that by the end of the week I would have a raise, a promotion and a feeling of calm, but to no avail. "Thanks for helping us out this week, Mel."
My "boss" has returned. It's scary to get into blogging things about workplaces, so I'll try to keep it vague.... she has a substance problem. It is obvious to everyone that her behavior is a little "off" (to put it nicely). And this is apparant since she was asked to leave work and not return until a doctor was involved. I guess they think a change in medication will alter her behavior and work performance. I'm not so sure that medication is her only substance problem.

At least I have another job to fall back on come November 1st. That kind of stuff just makes me wonder why I bend over backwards though. Glad to have been of assistance. Or not.

Anyway, knitting:

This is ALL progress I made on the trip to and from CT, as I haven't picked up the needles for more than 10 minutes all week.
Image hosted by
This is the diagonal baby blanket for Warm the World.
It is 50% done. I am going to start the decreases now.

This is the Pismo Hat:
Image hosted by

I don't like 12" circs. Anyone need addi turbo's size 2? I put them onto DPNs... I'll just use those the whole hat.

This is the left front for the Classic Cardigan:
Image hosted by

Now news there.

Finally... last but DEFINITLY not least:
Image hosted by
Complete with buttons and woven ends.

Started: Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
Finished: Friday, October 14th, 2005
Knitting Time: Not sure, as I didn't "time" my knitting when beginning this project. I'm glad.
I don't think I want to know.
Yarn: Bernat Cotton Tots. I WOULD use this yarn again if it were on size 8 needles... not size 6... it was too hard to force this fluffy yarn onto tiny needles. OUCH.
Needles: size 6 aluminum circs.
Lesson: My first completed, constructed sweater.
Zander loves it. Picture of him modeling it to come.

I must go write my paper. Hopefully there will be more blogging and knitting this week! :-)

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Quick Catch Up

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Okay, so I know I haven't posted in a few days... the trip to CT was stressful, draining, and difficult. And now I have this crazy tornado week and a half staring me right in the face. My boss at my part time job may have met the end of her "career" and so now we are short-handed at work. I'm trying to give as many hours as I can. I have a term paper due next Wednesday and all I've done is bulleted points and general preperation. This is also the first week of Zander's Daycare career. We started that yesterday.

I did get quite a bit of knitting done on the trip. I am halfway done with the warm the world blanket. Mom got Zander's buttons sewn on his cardigan for him. Thanks mom! I learned that I'm just not ready for lace knitting, but I did get a swatch completed without errors. (But that's it.) I made some progress on my left front of the Classic Cardigan, and I started a Pismo hat.

But of course I do not have pictures of any of this, as the motivation/drive just doesn't seem to be there for me yet. As I'm writing this I'm getting more motivated, so maybe I'll snap those pictures after I get out of the shower... check back for an edited post later.

Hopefully I'll be back with vigor tomorrow or Thursday. But if I don't post much this week, don't fret, don't have much time to knit let alone post.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Quick Update

Filed: Socks

Here are Uncle Dick's Completed Socks:
Image hosted by
Started: Friday, September 23rd, 2005
Finished: Monday, October 10th, 2005--
First sock was completed Wednesday, September 28th, 2005
Knitting Time: 9 hours. 5 hours for the first and 4 for the second.
Destination: Uncle Dick
Pattern: None.
Yarn: Paton's Classic Wool
Needles: size 7 DPNs
Lesson: none. Quick knit.

Here is Donna's One Skein Wonder:

Image hosted by
It still needs the ribbing on the top and bottom, and see the little bit of yarn above it? That's what's left. Yeah, I ran out. Purchased 223 yards, the pattern called for 200. Tell me there's not something wrong with that. First time that's ever happened and I'm pissed. Hopefully my LYS will have more (I am pretty sure they will,) but I'm not going to have a chance to run up there until next Wednesday.

This is the start of my next Warm the World Project:
Image hosted by
I'm probably about 5% into it. HA HA.

I scored some lorna's laces last weekend. In Lakeview.
Here are the anklets I'm making for myself with it (For Socktoberfest:)
Image hosted by
Awful lighting, sorry.
The pattern is really quite neat. It's the twin rib.
Row 1: *K3, P3, repeat from * to end.
Row 2: *K1, P1, repeat from * to end.

Thanks Heather for the fantastic idea! Her's looks much better. I must get that yarn!!!

That's all from here... I'm a little distracted today. We leave tomorrow morning to go up to CT and gather my things. I don't think I'm ready. It will be a long weekend. I'll be back on Sunday or Monay with lots of Progess to show (I hope.)

One more thing.... my mom wanted me to start a blog for her so she could post her finished objects. She is nuts if she thinks I'm going to update it for her... so do me a favor, dance on over to her at and leave her a comment. Tell her you're one of Mel's Knitting Buddies (or else she'll get confused-- ha ha) and tell her you can't wait to see more projects... or something... she can be so wimpy about trying new things. She just needs encouragement.

By the way... a thought to ponder.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


No pictures today... the main house computer is in the process of being revamped by Microsoft (my father was on the phone with them until 2am last night.) That should be taken care of by tomorrow. Yesterday, I was in such excitement about "finishing" Zander's Cardigan that I forgot to show or mention that I finished Uncle Dick's Socks. They're fantastic house slippers that I'm sure he'll love.

I also forgot to mention that I started another warm the world project a few days ago. I've been storing it in my nighstand and just working on it for a few minutes at a time in bed before falling asleep. It's just the simple diagonal dishcloth baby blanket. Good for mindless knitting. I'll probably take it to Connecticut with me. Then again, maybe I need something a little more challenging... like Birch again?
Then again, we all know how much I love birch... maybe I'll do something else similar to birch... like THIS. See the blue scarf in the bottom right corner? Very similar, no? I'm thinking I'll take my size 6 addis, my alpaca cloud and make myself a regtangular birch shawl... that should be a little easier to manage than the 299 stitches across.

I think I'm now saving the kid silk haze for branching out. Or I'll use the yarn Dan is spinning me for branching out. In either case I'm not too concerned about starting it yet... just thoughts for the future.
So let's recap. What am I taking to Connecticut. Maybe the charity blanket, maybe the classic cardigan, maybe Donna's one skein wonder if it is not completed by then. By the way... it is ALMOST done. I just finished the ribbing on the first sleeve. All that is left to do is the second sleeve's ribbing, and the ribbing around the circumfrence. Easy enough. Just kinda boring. I'm concerned about running out of yarn. By golly, I'm like a jack rabbit today... I can't seem to keep on task. I need to start & complete one of dad's socks. Originally I was going to use the same yarn used for Uncle Dick's but to please my dad and to avoid TOTAL bordeom I am going to use black merino yarn from knit picks. But I have to wait to place that order because that is all I need and I don't want to pay shipping. My mom needs to get more yarn for the afghan she is making my sister so she will be placing an order next week sometime. So since I am at her mercy I may or may not get to start (and complete) one of those socks in time to meet October's Goal. Speaking of October's Goals... let's recap:
1. Get my Gallery updated. DONE
2. Start another Warm the World Item. DONE
3. Finish the sleeves on Zander's Cardigan. DONE
4. Start and get decently far into the back of the Classic Cardi [pictured below]. Try to finish the back. DONE
5. Complete Uncle Dick's Socks. DONE
6. Complete one of Dad's Socks. NOT DONE. But out of my control at the moment. Will be marked a sucess for the month if I receive the yarn, cast on and get to the heel flap.

I think it's time to add to the goals seeing as I'm almost done and the month isn't even half through yet.

7. Finish Donna's One Skein Wonder.
8. Cast on for Lorna's Laces Socks.
9. Start one of the fronts of the Classic Cardigan.
10. Make progress (get 25-50% done) on the warm the world blanket.
11. Add buttons to Zander's Cardigan & get the rest of the ends woven in.

Okay, now that I have those written down I think I know what I'm taking to CT! ;-)
Enough babbling... my goodness what has gotten into me?!

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Monday, October 10, 2005

The Cotton Tots Queen

I am the Cotton Tots Queen:

Image hosted by

Being as he's two... it is incredibly hard to get him to be still long enough to take a picture... but here it is in its ALMOST done state. WHHHHEEEEEE!!!!!
It's a tad big... but that will give him all winter to grow into it and maybe he'll even be able to use it as a spring jacket!

Image hosted by
Here it is flat. Not shabby huh? The only things left to do are add the buttons and weave in my few remaining ends. I was really dreading the button band and collar (which is modified from the original pattern which had a hood) because I don't like HATE picking up stitches. But the wonderful Kara came to my rescue and introduced me to picking up stitches with a crochet hook. With that said it took a little longer than I would have liked so I only did it to pick up one side of the button band... but doing it that way really made me understand the full picture of why and how it is done. Now I feel totally comfortable picking up stitches. Thanks Kara.

Also, since I have time and don't want to study... I thought I'd address some other comments made on my blog recently.

Kathy said she loved seeing Zander's tiny shoes in the background of one of my pictures. That boy's feet are NOT tiny. He wears an 8XW. That is 8 eXtra Wide in stride rite shoes. That boys got feet like clubs! ha ha.

Becky has stopped by twice and complimented the speed in which I knit and asked if I ever sleep. Why yes, ma'm I do. I sleep from 10-6 and then have a little bit of time in the morning to knit before Zander wakes up, and then I have 5 minute bits here and there while he's amused by TV, food, games, etc to knit a few stitches. And then at 9:00 at night when he goes to bed I'll knit for a full hour. So I get about 2 hours of knitting time a day. That's probably a little more than a lot of working folk. I'll have to see if I get that much once I start working next month.

Speaking of working. Zander and I went and checked out his first daycare this morning. He loved it so much I signed up on the spot. He starts going next week. Since he is still a little behind on his speech he is going to be with kids that are anywhere from 1 day to 3 months younger than him. Hopefully he'll fit in with them a little better. While I filled out paperwork and went over the policies with the director Zander got to play with his classmates. When I went back in there he had made a little girlfriend already. Quick mover! HA HA HA!

I must go study... Until then, knit some.

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Saturday, October 08, 2005


Dear Zander's Cardigan,
I have hated you since day one. Wednesday June 8th marked a very sad day in my life. You have haunted me in my sleep. I hate the yarn you are composed of. The way you hurt my hands as if someone spun shards of glass in with you. You are so clingy that bamboo needles refused to cooperate. I had to switch to aluminum. The aluminum dealt with you a little better. But the aluminum needles were not happy about it either, so they instead took their anger out on me, forcing me to poke my fingertips time after time after time into order to manuver stitches from one needle to the next. I have been feeling guilty since the day I was stupid enough to purchase you. NOT ANYMORE!

I am winning now. You may have won the battles, but you will not win the war!

Image hosted by
I have suceeded in completing the Sleeves [ANOTHER GOAL DONE!] and they are now happily blocking on the floor. You will not win. Not only did I complete the sleeves, but I completed them both at one time. I am onto your evil tricks... I will complete you!

Image hosted by
I have even completed seaming your shoulders... even though your stupid single ply self fought each and every evil stich.

You will not suceed in ruining me. I look forward to the day when Zander plays outside and grinds dirt into your fibers! It is coming soon, I tell you, so beware. Now, I am going to sign off, and enjoy every moment of seperating your threads so that I may pick up stitches for the button band and collar. I hate picking up stitches, but today I will do it joyfully and probably with a little grin, and maybe even a cackle. I am days away from never having to see you in yarn form again.


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My mother brought to my attention that I needed to have lots of things to knit in the next week. "Huh?"
I had forgotten (or rather, probably pushed it out of my mind) that we are going to CT to retrieve my things, and thus have a LONG car ride ahead of us. 12+ hours there, 12+ back. That's a LOT of knitting time. Granted I have a paper due 2 weeks after that so my time would best be spent on my laptop composing my paper... but hey... once the laptop battery dies it's outta my hands right? RIGHT? Please say "RIGHT."
Thank you. I feel better.

Anyway. 12. Hours. Of. Knitting.

So what am I going to do?
I should be able to finish Zander's Sleeves. I won't be able to seam it in the car, but I may be able to do the button (hole?) bands.

If Uncle Dick's Second sock isn't finished it won't be a problem to finish that up.
Since Dad's socks will be exactly like Uncle Dick's (Lucky readers... you'll get to see 4 identical socks. woo hoo) I'll have the yarn and needles in the car and I'll be able to cast on for those.

I also have Donna's one skein wonder which will be quick.

But I honestly don't think that that stuff will last me 24 hours. So I think I need a new project. So, readers... what is your opinion? Should I start the front(s) to my cardigan or get a new project? Maybe this?

Then again... I have all these patterns to get oragnized so maybe once I get them hole punched and inserted into my overflowing knitting binder I'll have an idea. And lucky me... I'm going yarn shopping with mom today... wonder if I can sucker a few skeins of yarn out of her ;-)

Image hosted by

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Friday, October 07, 2005

One Hour, One Minute, Fourty-four seconds

and I have this:

Image hosted by
A birthday scarf/belt for my cousin Tracy.

It took away from me knitting these things today though:
Image hosted by
That is the second sock... a few more rounds to go on the gusset.

Image hosted by
Donna's One Skein Wonder. Why do I never learn my lesson about knitting with cotton. OBVIOUSLY my hands do not get along well with it... if the stitches and fabric it produced weren't so beautiful I'd throw it in the trash and burn it!!!

Lame post, Zander is sick... just showing progress.

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Another Off The List

October Goal #1:
Get my Gallery Updated. DONE

October Goal #4:
Start and get decently far into the back of the Classic Cardi. Try to finish the back. DONE
Image hosted by
This is 8.5 hours to completion. I will try to wait until next month to cast on the fronts.

Now what?
October Goal #5: Complete Uncle Dick's Socks.

But before then?
Image hosted by
and/or this:
Image hosted by

To become this one skein wonder for this lady:
Image hosted by
Who is married to this man:
Image hosted by
Who is my dad's cousin that I am going to let spade my dog. The people we trust to do things to our animals. ha ha ha.

No, in all seriousness... when I was working on my one skein wonder Donna (the lady) said she wanted one in black. OKAY. Her husband (my 2nd cousin) is going to (I'm sure of it) cut me a deal on Roxy's Spade which she has been severly overdue for. Everytime I would START saving up money to have Roxy spade Nick would spend all the money and so my roxy fund would be put in towards diapers, food, or bills. But now, a few days after getting a good hunk of money from Nick I realize that it has to be done, it is so important and so I am not putting it off any longer. So I splurged on "GOOD" yarn because I know that I am spending less on the yarn than I'm going to save on my pet bills. So I need to get it done pretty quickly. So I'll cast on for that this afternoon. I think this time I'm going to make the sleeves ribbed too, instead of the seed stitch as it's written. AND THEN... when I'm done with Donna's One Skein wonder I will get CRACKING on Dick's socks. I think I will be spending some time in the car this weekend so I'll keep his sock in mind for the car trip too.

That's all. Knit some.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Others' successes

Since I have no progress, really, of my own to share I thought I'd share some others I have found.

* Check out the beatutiful Hourglass Sweater. Love the colors!

* A beautiful chemo cap, she made it for someone she doesn't even really know. How sweet!

* Who can resist babies in Handknits?


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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Weenies, Studying, and Knitting.

First off, did you see Harlot's blog entry yesterday? TOO FREAKING FUNNY. If you haven't read, then you must.

On the "homeland security gov't" side, I am studying today. I have an exam in Intro to law tomorrow. On everything from paralegals (those that do attorney's work, but should have just gone to law school and passed the bar so they could make twice as much) to Torts (personal injury "I'm-going-to-sue-you-because-you-make-cigarettes-and-now-I-have-lung-cancer" cases. Thank God for my knitting to help me through the studying:

Image hosted by
I'm 11" into the back of the Classic Cardigan, and am 1" away from shaping the raglans. FUN!

I'm also working on these:
Image hosted by
Zander's sleeves. My mantra? "I hate this yarn, I hate this yarn." I do, however, LOVE the fabric it produces... can't wait to get it done.
And, I thought I would share this trick with those that don't know it:
As you can see, I am knitting 2 sleeves at once. My first attempt to do this was DISASTEROUS. I couldn't tell if I had done one sleeve in the row or two (since they were knit with two balls of yarn the end of ever sleeve looked like the end of a row. I frogged.

My friend Jen (whom I work with and who does my nails) is an avid knitter. She mentioned a cardigan she was working on for her neice. She said, "I'm doing the sleeves now." Upon her saying this, it sparked a HUGE conversation on my disasters of trying this. She said quite simply, "Pin them together."

Image hosted by
Can't get the beginning, middle, or end of the row mixed up now. Once I get to the pin (or clover stitch holder) I know that since the pieces are still "attached" I must keep going to finish this row. The sleeves are slow going, but it is nice to know that when I'm done I will be done. And I won't be suffering from SSS (Second SLEEVE syndrome.)
So for anyone that hasn't tried knitting two sleeves at once yet... please try pinning the two sleeves together... it will save much headache in the end.

On other, totally unrelated news, I think I decided what I will knit my Aunt Peggy & Uncle Ron for Christmas this year:

Anyone ever knit christmas stockings before? Aunt Peggy has a very "country/floral" taste in decorating... loves very folky christmas decorations... so I thought it would be perfect for her, but I want it to be well received... any other patterns/book suggestions?

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Monday, October 03, 2005

First Goal Done

My Gallery is updated. Go check it out. This is my first October Goal I can cross off my list. WEEEE!!!!

Among other news... I was able to see Uncle Dick yesterday (to watch the bengals win their 4th game this season. WOO HOO) and his first sock fits... so now I feel like I can progress with the 2nd sock. Hope to have that done quickly.

I also am 4 hours into my patons classic cardigan back. I am about 4" into the sleeves of Zander's cardigan.

And I am wondering if I can fit this into my October schedule.

Sorry for the lousy post. If you want to see something better go check out Kris. Beautiful Soleil Kris!!!

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

An Hourly Diary

1 hour:
Image hosted by
2 hours:
Image hosted by
3 hours:
Image hosted by
The metallic thread in this yarn makes it slightly uncomfortable to knit with, but the fabric it procudces is shockingly softer. So you can see what I did yesterday while Zander was at Grandma's. But when he came home it was all about him again. We played outside...
Image hosted by

While I was giving birth to Zander my parents were buying these fountains... so they have a special meaning in all of our hearts. I love sitting outside and listening to them. What is it about water that is so calming. Of course, a child looks at them and it is something completely different.
Kids are an amazing thing.
Have a great Sunday.

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

October Goals

September Goals:
1. Finish Hopeful. Not Done. Frogged. It wouldn't have fit me right anyway.
2. Start & Complete Erin's Felted Bag. Done.
3. Finish Soldier's Hat for Charity. Done. Although I'm not very impressed with my charity contribution this month. Must do better for October.
4. Begin Birch. Done. Done. Done. Done. Done. Done. (That doesn't mean I'm done with the shawl... that's just how many times I began it.)
5. Swatch for Fair Isle Cardigan. I didn't do a full swatch... I did a few more rows than pictured below and it was obvious that my gauge was wrong. I think I'm going to learn to steek so that I can knit the cardigan in the round and not deal with doing two handed fair-isle on the purl rows. YUCK.

October Goals:
1. Get my Gallery updated.
2. Start another Warm the World Item.
3. Finish the sleeves on Zander's Cardigan.
4. Start and get decently far into the back of the Classic Cardi [pictured below]. Try to finish the back.
5. Complete Uncle Dick's Socks.
6. Complete one of Dad's Socks.

No work on the fair isle cardigan this month. I need to get size 2 needles. This is also my last month as a stay at home mom. I start a temporary full time job on November 1st (YAY!) that will get me through the holidays, and so this is my last month of having a lot of knitting time (Bummer!) and so I want the knitting to be enjoyable and stressless. The fair isle cardigan will not be that!

So, the Classic Cardi?
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
The yarn was on clearance... $3.00 a ball. I needed 7 balls. $21.00. Not bad. I couldn't buy a sweater for that much AND I am in need of some "office" clothes. I am quite sad that I am no longer able to afford the expensive yarns I was just getting used to using, but am trying to tell myself that I knit for the process (which is true) so it doesn't really matter what I knit with. If I get a sweater out of it that's good enough for me. :-)

Anyway, I had a gift card to Michael's (that's how I was able to spend the money on this yarn, otherwise, NOPE.)
So I also picked up:
Image hosted by
Brown buttons for my cardi. Will need one of the blue buttons. I got the fish buttons to see how they work with Zander's Cardigan. If not, the blue buttons will work for that. [sorry about the crappy picture, but you get the idea.]

Image hosted by
Also got 10 skeins (1350 yds) to do a sweater from the calmer collection. $1.86 a skein. Not bad for a poor girl, eh?

**** PERSONAL STUFF... no knitting, stop here if you don't care****
Another month come and gone. I have to say, on a personal note, this month has really sucked. I am now well into the divorce and happy (for lack of a better, more appropriate word) that it is happening. There are still hard days... there are still days when I want to throw the covers over my head and not get out of bed. There are still days when I think how unfair it is that Nick can run to the grochery without hassling with car seats, sippy cups, toys, and attitudes.
But on the other hand.... most days I feel sorry for Nick. I worry that this Christmas will be really hard for him since he will be (sadly) alone. I feel bad that he is going to have to send money every month for Zander, yet not really know what the money is going to, or have a say in what sort of things I buy for him, etc. With that said, I don't feel enough sympathy to reject the money, or tell Nick that he can have another chance in my life.

I do have to say that I am trying very hard to forgive him, because I know that is the key to moving on and advancing in my life. So, Kathy, to answer your question from a week ago... I guess I'm doing okay. Every day is different, so everyday I allow myself to feel the way I want to feel with understanding that it is all part of the grieving process. Each day gets a little bit better and the sadness gets a little weaker. I'll be okay. I am better off without him. I am a good person, and good mother, and will only be that way on the path that I am on now.

I welcome October with open arms!

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