Thursday, October 27, 2005

Autumn Socks

I love autumn. Something about how the air feels crisp and fresh, or maybe it's the vibrant colors of the leaves. Or maybe it's the way I feel like fall is the promise of winter which seems to cleanse mind body and soul, and complete the year on a usually good note.

I also love socks. They are (or will be) these.
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I think I was wrong about the twin ribbed socks. I think they will be big enough. And since they are short cuffs, it's not like they'll be up on my calf (which is fatter) so I pushed on last night with them. I'm at the heel flap.
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I also did some knitting in my policy's class since we were watching "The Farm." I got about 30 minutes of knitting done then.
Today I have been on trying to find a job. While I was picking up mom's dog from the groomer this morning I had a company place a call to me regarding my resume (ALREADY!) I have an 877 # to call back where I have to answer 2 questions.
1- What is your biggest success in life so far?
-- Can Zander be my biggest sucess? Or is that too personal? Should I be more "professional" in my response... maybe talk about my determination to get school done even with working and being a single mom? What do you think.
2-- What is your biggest complaint about your last job?
-- Do I even go there? I mean... they obviously don't fire people there... there was another "Scandal" involving a married male client and a hair stylist years ago when I used to work there. She still has a job. That irritates the life out of me. What is the drive to follow "rules" when there are none? What is the drive to "do better" if they obviously don't care?

Or should I say something generic about the lack of good quality management or organization?

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