Saturday, October 08, 2005


My mother brought to my attention that I needed to have lots of things to knit in the next week. "Huh?"
I had forgotten (or rather, probably pushed it out of my mind) that we are going to CT to retrieve my things, and thus have a LONG car ride ahead of us. 12+ hours there, 12+ back. That's a LOT of knitting time. Granted I have a paper due 2 weeks after that so my time would best be spent on my laptop composing my paper... but hey... once the laptop battery dies it's outta my hands right? RIGHT? Please say "RIGHT."
Thank you. I feel better.

Anyway. 12. Hours. Of. Knitting.

So what am I going to do?
I should be able to finish Zander's Sleeves. I won't be able to seam it in the car, but I may be able to do the button (hole?) bands.

If Uncle Dick's Second sock isn't finished it won't be a problem to finish that up.
Since Dad's socks will be exactly like Uncle Dick's (Lucky readers... you'll get to see 4 identical socks. woo hoo) I'll have the yarn and needles in the car and I'll be able to cast on for those.

I also have Donna's one skein wonder which will be quick.

But I honestly don't think that that stuff will last me 24 hours. So I think I need a new project. So, readers... what is your opinion? Should I start the front(s) to my cardigan or get a new project? Maybe this?

Then again... I have all these patterns to get oragnized so maybe once I get them hole punched and inserted into my overflowing knitting binder I'll have an idea. And lucky me... I'm going yarn shopping with mom today... wonder if I can sucker a few skeins of yarn out of her ;-)

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