Tuesday, October 11, 2005


No pictures today... the main house computer is in the process of being revamped by Microsoft (my father was on the phone with them until 2am last night.) That should be taken care of by tomorrow. Yesterday, I was in such excitement about "finishing" Zander's Cardigan that I forgot to show or mention that I finished Uncle Dick's Socks. They're fantastic house slippers that I'm sure he'll love.

I also forgot to mention that I started another warm the world project a few days ago. I've been storing it in my nighstand and just working on it for a few minutes at a time in bed before falling asleep. It's just the simple diagonal dishcloth baby blanket. Good for mindless knitting. I'll probably take it to Connecticut with me. Then again, maybe I need something a little more challenging... like Birch again?
Then again, we all know how much I love birch... maybe I'll do something else similar to birch... like THIS. See the blue scarf in the bottom right corner? Very similar, no? I'm thinking I'll take my size 6 addis, my alpaca cloud and make myself a regtangular birch shawl... that should be a little easier to manage than the 299 stitches across.

I think I'm now saving the kid silk haze for branching out. Or I'll use the yarn Dan is spinning me for branching out. In either case I'm not too concerned about starting it yet... just thoughts for the future.
So let's recap. What am I taking to Connecticut. Maybe the charity blanket, maybe the classic cardigan, maybe Donna's one skein wonder if it is not completed by then. By the way... it is ALMOST done. I just finished the ribbing on the first sleeve. All that is left to do is the second sleeve's ribbing, and the ribbing around the circumfrence. Easy enough. Just kinda boring. I'm concerned about running out of yarn. By golly, I'm like a jack rabbit today... I can't seem to keep on task. I need to start & complete one of dad's socks. Originally I was going to use the same yarn used for Uncle Dick's but to please my dad and to avoid TOTAL bordeom I am going to use black merino yarn from knit picks. But I have to wait to place that order because that is all I need and I don't want to pay shipping. My mom needs to get more yarn for the afghan she is making my sister so she will be placing an order next week sometime. So since I am at her mercy I may or may not get to start (and complete) one of those socks in time to meet October's Goal. Speaking of October's Goals... let's recap:
1. Get my Gallery updated. DONE
2. Start another Warm the World Item. DONE
3. Finish the sleeves on Zander's Cardigan. DONE
4. Start and get decently far into the back of the Classic Cardi [pictured below]. Try to finish the back. DONE
5. Complete Uncle Dick's Socks. DONE
6. Complete one of Dad's Socks. NOT DONE. But out of my control at the moment. Will be marked a sucess for the month if I receive the yarn, cast on and get to the heel flap.

I think it's time to add to the goals seeing as I'm almost done and the month isn't even half through yet.

7. Finish Donna's One Skein Wonder.
8. Cast on for Lorna's Laces Socks.
9. Start one of the fronts of the Classic Cardigan.
10. Make progress (get 25-50% done) on the warm the world blanket.
11. Add buttons to Zander's Cardigan & get the rest of the ends woven in.

Okay, now that I have those written down I think I know what I'm taking to CT! ;-)
Enough babbling... my goodness what has gotten into me?!

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