Saturday, October 08, 2005


Dear Zander's Cardigan,
I have hated you since day one. Wednesday June 8th marked a very sad day in my life. You have haunted me in my sleep. I hate the yarn you are composed of. The way you hurt my hands as if someone spun shards of glass in with you. You are so clingy that bamboo needles refused to cooperate. I had to switch to aluminum. The aluminum dealt with you a little better. But the aluminum needles were not happy about it either, so they instead took their anger out on me, forcing me to poke my fingertips time after time after time into order to manuver stitches from one needle to the next. I have been feeling guilty since the day I was stupid enough to purchase you. NOT ANYMORE!

I am winning now. You may have won the battles, but you will not win the war!

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I have suceeded in completing the Sleeves [ANOTHER GOAL DONE!] and they are now happily blocking on the floor. You will not win. Not only did I complete the sleeves, but I completed them both at one time. I am onto your evil tricks... I will complete you!

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I have even completed seaming your shoulders... even though your stupid single ply self fought each and every evil stich.

You will not suceed in ruining me. I look forward to the day when Zander plays outside and grinds dirt into your fibers! It is coming soon, I tell you, so beware. Now, I am going to sign off, and enjoy every moment of seperating your threads so that I may pick up stitches for the button band and collar. I hate picking up stitches, but today I will do it joyfully and probably with a little grin, and maybe even a cackle. I am days away from never having to see you in yarn form again.


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