Thursday, November 10, 2005

Corney or Not?

Well, while I'm trying to decide about what my next first (sucessful) lace project will be, and while I save up the money for yarn (Roxy is getting spade today... bye bye money) I have cast on for this. I will be knitting 2. One for Roxy and one for mom's dog, zoey. I know there are those that think dog sweaters are corney... I can be one of them... but I think it actually serves a purpose... when you think about a chihuahua they are actually not made for cold climates. This poor dog convulses with shivers everytime it's below 40. I hope that this sweater will serve an actuall purpose. Anyway, we shall see.

Here it is, being knit with left over caron's simply soft from Kari's baby blanket.

Image hosted by

On a personal note.... I GOT THE JOB! I start tomorrow. Weeee.... wish me luck.

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