Saturday, November 26, 2005

November Block Completed

So I finished the first "block of the month" block.
Image hosted by

closeup of the simple stitch motif:
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[I'm sure you realize that the yarn is not that washed out and that the color is very rich and bold. I am never home and settled during daylight anymore, so the pictures have been flash forced which equals shitty pictures.]

Anyway, the block is not hard. Just took 3 hours. I can't remember the exact gauge at the moment, but most of the gals are using size 9 needles and getting 13" blocks (which is what they're supposed to be doing.) I used a size 8 needle and got a 14" block. WTF? I'm certainly not bumping down to a size 7, as it's tight enough on size 8s. I normally knit RIGHT on gauge. Not sure if it's this weirdly spun yarn or what?
You may also notice the slight bit of pooling that began to take place. I had to knit off both ends of the skein to break that up... it was slightly annoying to do, but looks great in the end.

So once that was finished I picked up my jaywalker socks again. I had made a little boo boo the last time I worked on it (while waiting in the doctor's office when I had broncitis) and when I tried to fix it on Thanksgiving I made it SOOO much worse... the yarn frayed when I put it back on the needles and I couldn't get the right stitches on the right needles, so the zigzagging was not lining up. Frustration ensued. I ripped. And ripped and ripped. Now I'm back to a ball of yarn and 30 minutes of knitting on the ribbing. Oh well.

I don't want to post a picture because I don't want to be depressed. ;-)

Have a great rest of the weekend.

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