Tuesday, November 01, 2005

November Goals

October Goals:
1. Get my Gallery updated. DONE
2. Start another Warm the World Item. DONE
3. Finish the sleeves on Zander's Cardigan. DONE
4. Start and get decently far into the back of the Classic Cardi [pictured below]. Try to finish the back. DONE. Back Finished.
5. Complete Uncle Dick's Socks. DONE.
6. Complete one of Dad's Socks. NOT DONE. But out of my control at the moment. Will be marked a sucess for the month if I receive the yarn, cast on and get to the heel flap. I think it's time to add to the goals seeing as I'm almost done and the month isn't even half through yet.
7. Finish Donna's One Skein Wonder. NOT DONE
8. Cast on for Lorna's Laces Socks. DONE.
9. Start one of the fronts of the Classic Cardigan. DONE.
10. Make progress (get 25-50% done) on the warm the world blanket. DONE
11. Add buttons to Zander's Cardigan & get the rest of the ends woven in. DONE.

I think, based on October's actions, that I'll do better with 2 week goals instead of 1 month goals... they keep me focused, but I also get bored... so with 2 week goal I think I'll solve that problem. Thus
November Goals- Part I:
1. Complete 1 of Dad's Socks.
2. Complete 1 of another sock-- either the lorna's laces or jaywalker socks.
3. Get to 75% done with the Warm the World Blanket.
4. Complete Left front of Classic Cardigan.

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