Saturday, December 17, 2005

December Goals- Part II

December Goals Part 1:
1. Complete the first of Dad's Socks. No really. I MUST THIS TIME. DONE.
2. Finish Tracy's Multi-directional scarf. DONE.
3. Start Aunt Peggy's Scarf. DONE. Start and finished it.
4. Work on the jaywalker socks. Done. Although I hate squeezing this yarn onto size 0 needles... I may go back up to size ones and put only 5 stitches in between each repeat, so that they're smaller around the leg. We'll see. Right now they're being ignored... it's too close to the holidays.
5. Start December's Block of the Month Block. Done. I'm about 2" into it.

December Goals Part II:
1. Finish Dad's second sock by Christmas. This is probably most of what I'll be working on for the next week.
2. Get to the decreases in the pismo hat.
3. Work on (and get some progress) on an old unfinished object.
4. Start the lace stole (if and only if I complete 1-3).
5. Fix Uncle Dick's sock by Christmas.

And the best news of all as far as goals go: I have a job at the place I interviewed last week. I start on Monday. I accomplished my personal goal of having landed a job before Christmas. WEEEE.

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