Thursday, December 01, 2005

December Goals

I swung over to Kris' blog, and saw that (oh crap) it's December 1st. Time for goals.

November Goals Part II:
1. Start and Complete first 13" square for BLOCK OF THE MONTH CLUB. Done.
2. Finish Bell Sleeve Shrug. Not Done. Time Warped.
3. Work on Dad's Socks. WORK ON THEM. WORK ON THEM. Done. I am about to turn the heel. Dad asked me, "When do I get a pair of socks?" So I must get them done by Christmas.

Which leads me to:

December Goals Part I:
1. Complete the first of Dad's Socks. No really. I MUST THIS TIME.
2. Finish Tracy's Multi-directional scarf.
3. Start Aunt Peggy's Scarf.
4. Work on the jaywalker socks.
5. Start December's Block of the Month Block

In other news I let my boss know today that the job wasn't going to work out, but offered to stay until she found someone else and/or a few days after that until the new person felt comfortable. Then a few hours later Zander's school called. They say, He has a fever, can I come pick him up. Needless to say with the stress I am under right now I completely let the director have it. I said, "I know you're not letting this happen on purpose, but what is going on? This is the 3rd time in 1.5 months that I've been called to come pick him up. He was fine this morning." She said, "I understand." I said, "No, I don't think you do. I now have to leave work, won't get paid, have to pick zander up, take him to the doctor and still pay like he's attending your school." I continued, "I think I will hang up the phone now and come get him before I say anything I might regret, but please understand that something HAS to be done about this." She was silent on the other end. I cried the entire 45 minute drive to pick him up. As a side note, even though I've picked him up from school 3 times he's been sick 4 times. In 6 weeks. Is this normal??? Is there something I'm doing wrong? Is it something the school is doing wrong? I seriously CAN NOT afford to do this anymore. I understand that when you get that many kids together and there are that many toys and hands in the mouth, etc, it happens. What I don't understand is why I have to pay for days when Zander is sick. It's enough that I'm missing work and pissing a boss off, isn't it? I should get a $31.00 refund, or not have to pay for the days he doesn't use. Simple as that. Don't punish me for my child being sick. AND... if they didn't impliment that silly policy then people wouldn't bring their sick children to work with the mentality of "I'm paying for this, they're going to use it."
[reluctantly climbing down off my soap box.]

Anyway, then I call Nick. He has been telling me he's not giving me what the state says is fair child support based on our incomes unless a judge tells him that's what he has to pay. He did come close to it in his offerings, and then says, "And really Melanie, let me know if you need extra money, or something happens or whatever. I'll help you out getting your apartment or whatever Zander needs." So I call him this afternoon. Am going to have to buy anti-biotics, missed 1/2 day of work-- will probably miss tomorrow... and this is after last week when I got the virus zander brought home and missed one day because I was throwing up. This is also after the holiday week in which I didn't work thursday or friday. When I tell him that Zander is sick again and I had to leave work he said, "What do you want me to do about it?" I simply hung up the phone.
It's over. Well, it's been over, but I mean all polietness is over and all thinking that this can be resolved in a [gasp] adult like manner. I'm tired of being the grown up.
I will not be nice and I will not except a penny less than I deserve. If need be I will take it to court and let the judge decide. I have tried being nice, I have tried being friendly. I have listened to him beg for other chances and have offered to be there for him. I can't do it anymore. If the kentucky child support table says I should be getting $*** a month then that's what I'm going to put in the paper work, and if he wants to take it to court then we'll take it to court. I am just SOOOO over it.

Anyway, just remember... there are always things to be positive about. Like this.

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Snow! :-)

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  1. Blogger Kathy posted at 10:53 PM  
    I have no words of wisdom about the day care situation, but you sound like you need a hug.


    And good for you for not backing down from what you deserve for child suppport!!
  2. Blogger Kara posted at 1:13 AM  
    So sorry Zander is sick again. Unfortunately, when you put a bunch of kids together, they get sick. Then of course, their adult caretakers get sick.
  3. Blogger Ruinwen posted at 10:11 AM  
    I'm sorry everything is hitting you all at once...that can be very stressful. :(

    I too wanted to send you a big bear *hug*

    You're a great Mom and Zander is lucky to have you.

  4. Blogger Talitha posted at 2:38 PM  
    Don't let your child support situation go for very long without doing something drastic (ie taking him to court). Bottom line is that Zander deserves better. You have to be a strong (perhaps even stone cold) beeotch for a few months so that your son can be happy and healthy and well provided for for the next 16 or so years of his life. Strength sista! You can do it. You made it through the labour, and gawddamn you can make it through this. I hope that this gets settled for you so that you guys can move on and I really hope that your little guy starts feeling better. I have had a really hard time the last couple of years with catching every bug. You should consider taking him to a naturopathic doctor, that's the only thing that finally got me over my issues with immunity. Anyway, good luck and take care of yourself too!
  5. Blogger Pioggia posted at 4:07 PM  
    Don't you hate it when nothing comes out right? Keep fighting for your boy, whatever it takes, he deserves what's fair.

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