Monday, December 26, 2005


Since I got married almost 3 years ago Christmas was never a big thing in our home. We set up the tree and "HE" would put up Christmas lights outside, but we never really got into the gift thing because we were so broke. We'd come home for Christmas but the gifts our parents and others got us really just made us feel bad that we couldn't give anything to each other or to them. I remember feeling depressed. I was sure this Christmas would be hard as well. It was. But not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. And part of that reason could be because of all the COOL things I was able to get AND give. And if that makes me materialistic then so F'ing be it! My christmas was filled with LOTS of natural fibers! :-) No pictures yet, but I'm thinking I might add them later if I get the chance.

First, I got a cashmere sweater. I always said that one day when I was rich I'd own a cashmere sweater. Well, I got one. And it's beautiful, and all day yesterday I said, "Nothing can go wrong, I am wearing cashmere."

Second, I got a swift and ball winder. Weeee!!!!! First thing I wound was my Sock Memories in color Fly Fishing for my Home sweet home shawl.

But I also go 8 skeins of Andean Silk in Cornflower for a caplet from Wrap Style.

But that certainly isn't all. I got Shine in River for The leaf Bolero shrug. Although, upon closer inspection of the pattern, I can see that I will be altering the sleeves in the pattern slightly. Is it me or is the shoulder completely big and the wrists completely small and short???

And finally, I got two books: 1,000 sweaters & Last minute knitted gifts.

Aside from that I got a few sweaters and jogging suits, and Zander MADE OUT LIKE A BANDIT. I don't know what in God's name I'm going to do with all of the new toys in this house. They certainly won't fit in my apartment!

Anyway, I completely cheated my monthly goals as I started my sock memories shawl, and I haven't finished my other two goals of getting to the decreases in the pismo hate and/or making progress on an UFO.

But I think January is going to be filled with finishing projects and not starting A SINGLE new one. Hopefully my desire to get the few projects waiting in the wings started will push me to finish a few old projects. (Like the pismo hat, clapotis, lorna's laces socks, brown cardigan, river stole, beat knit shrug, etc.) I'm not saying I'll finish (or even attempt) to finish all of those, but those are all projects around my house in various stages of completion. That's scary!!!

Hope everyone else made out well, I'm constantly checking bloglines in hopes of reading about what other knitters "Scored!"

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  1. Blogger Nickerjac posted at 8:27 PM  
    So glad Christmas went better than you expected, I don't think it is Materialistic wanting to give presents especially if they are hand made items that have been thought about, for me its the look on their faces that tells you that you have got it right. Have a wonderful New Year you deserve it
  2. Blogger Pioggia posted at 1:16 AM  
    I'm glad you had a great Xmas. May next year be much better than the last one.

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