Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Melting Pot

Okay, so the job I have is at a large international company. We deal in something to assist one of the senses... so I was trying to come up with some charming name about that "sense," but couldn't. Today, it dawned on me. I work smack dab in the middle of the MELTING POT. There is a guy from London, another couple (married) from England, a woman from Yugoslavia, a young woman from Bosnia, another male from Australia. One of the supervisors is a homosexual man, we've got african americans, arab americans, boring little whites like myself. So yeah, many of you are thinking "yeah, so, lots of places are like that." You don't understand. I'm in Kentucky. Land of the free and the hillbillies. I love seeing something different. There are so many different types of people. So when the Director of Operations asked me how I liked my job tonight I wasn't afraid to answer him b/c he's one of the two head honchos, I was able to be enthusiastic and honest and tell him I LOVE IT. No really. I HEART it. I heart the people. I heart the area of business. I love providing people with a product that will better their quality of life. I know that it's new and so that it might be exciting because of that, and maybe it is. But it's like everywhere I look I see an opportunity of growth (for me personally, for me as a professional.) It's more promise than I've ever seen or known in MY life.

What could be better. How else could I possibly end my year on a higher note?
I must go to bed. I have a binder 200+ pages of stuff to learn for my new career path. I will be studying tomorrow. :-)

I hope to post again before the holidays, but if I don't I certainly hope everyone has a super happy holiday/christmas/hanauka/kwanza/new years, etc.


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