Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Melting Pot's Meltdown

Only 1 more workday until the end of the year. This has caused a TON of chaos in the melting pot. Thing are crazy... there are lots of last minute orders. The product we produce has a turn around time of at least 3-5 days due to the individualized attention each job recieves. So explain to me why people (who know this) wait until the last minute to put in an order and then want it "expidited." Um, yeah, everyone wants their order expidited. Yours doesn't get it!

But with that said, I still love my job. I love the people I work with. Today I took "T" a bottle of Diet Pepsi, because that's his favorite drink, and he's been working 14 hours everyday, and so I thought he could use a little pick-me up. There's a British guy who is just adorable who was the first person who made me feel at home. He's in a department of 3 people and he's the only one that's been here this week. He'll get a hot cup of coffee tomorrow. Then there's another adorable woman who I work directly with. She had a dentist appointment today that caused her to miss work. She was soooo nervous about the appointment. I think she needs a candy bar tomorrow. I feel so good about this job. I feel so wonderful and so suppported and so fantastically guided that it's all I can do to not hug each and every one of these guys and girls on my way in and out of the building. I LOVE MY JOB! :-)

I've even started sharing some of the details of my personal life with people at work. And usually it's to those that have been there, done that. And some of them are close to me in age, and that makes me feel so darn good. And I see men that light up when talking about their children. And one guy that works out in the lab has been through a divorce and has a 4 year old girl and he has his complete shared custody of his child. There are men out there that care, that do the right things, and that think only of their children and families and of bettering their lives. They don't relish in pettiness or bounce child support checks. They would never not talk to their children on Christmas, no matter how "HARD" it is to hear their voice. Being surrounded by these people make me realize that it's okay to have standards, and I don't have to change them, or make excuses for people that don't meet those standards. And when it comes to my son's standards they can NEVER EVER EVER be too high.

I welcome the new year with open arms. Goodbye past mistakes. I'm glad to have learned from you, and I hope that because of you I can grow as a person... as a mother, and as a woman. And for my ex: In the year to come I only wish for you one thing: Karma. May it be as good as it should be, and as bad as it probably will be. And may you learn and grow from it.

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