Monday, December 19, 2005

New Jobs, Socks, and Divorces

Today is the day. I start my new job. I'm not too worried about it. For 2 months I will be working in customer care covering for a woman on maternity leave. Thereafter Iwill be moved to inventory, which will be my *permanant* position. I say permant in astricks because it is a large company and I intend to kick some major ass and run through the ladder.

Socks. I'm about 1 hour away from completely dad's second sock. Christmas delivery is probable.

Finally, divorces... I got a copy of the petition papers I signed on wednesday. Attached to it is a letter that states there is a hearing next month. When I was at the attorney's office on wednesday I speciffically asked what the next step was. While running through what would happen next she only mentioned a hearing at the end of the divorce process. WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT. And I heard a stat that stated only 8% trust attorneys. I can't image.

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