Saturday, December 10, 2005


Last night I drove Zander down to his Grandma Linda's in Lexington. A whole weekend to myself... what could be better? Well, a whole weekend to myself where I didn't have an exam to finish and another to prepare for. And well, a whole weekend to myself where Grandma Linda didn't call at 10:30 the next morning. So I hear my cell phone ringing and when I look at the display my heart drops. I know something is wrong. Linda tells me, "He is covered in a rash." This is not a COMPLETE shock to me, as Friday night I saw his cheeks getting kind of pink, but I attributed that to the kid thing where they take their sleeve, run it under their runny nose and then across their cheeks. Lovely. Kids are just so lovely.

Well, a few hours later when Linda arrived at the house I realized he truely was covered in a rash. If I hadn't been so worried about him I would have snapped a picture. Off to Urgent Care (Again). Let me just remind you that I was at the doctor LAST thursday for an ear infection visit. I then took him to the doctor THIS thursday for his 2 year well baby check up, and his flu shot. (Can I just take a moment to pause and tell you that I do NOT enjoy going to doctor's and that I am SOOO over it.) So, none the less, I felt like I was just going to loose it on the way to the doctor this afternoon. I know that Zander is feeling MUCH worse than I am... but I want to take the time to pity myself and say, IT SUCKS FOR ME TOO! I'm the one that has to hold him down when they take blood for lead tests, give flu shots in the leg, take blood for mono tests, and give shots in the BUTT to counter-react the allergic reaction he was having. Yes, allergic reaction. This kid has had IT ALL in the last few months. Let's re-cap. Sinus infection, broncitis, stomach virus, ear infection and now, he is allergic to Amoxicillan. Which is ironic, because he was on the ninth day of his ten day schedule. Guess his body really fought the reaction. Nice try little buddy. So now we're on ANOTHER anti-biotic to continue fighting the ear infection. Another 5 days. Plus we're on benadryl to get rid of the rash. Then after that is over his pediatrician suggested trying a child's claritin for the sniffles/cough/sneezing he hasn't seem to have gotten over in 2 months. My history is a strong one for allergies. Doc says he has a feeling he takes after his mother. And it's a little early for children to show signs of allergies, but he said he's willing to bet he'll be allergic to most of the things I am. YAY.
Doc also says it's time to get testing done on for his speech. Yay again. I'll be sure to do that in my free time. I mean, all the free time I have in between missed work, and doctors, and pharmacy waits, and silly parenting classes I have to take for 2 nights at 3 hours each in January. At the inexpensive cost of $50.00 Yes, please, tell me how to be a parent. Because for 2 years I have done it primarily on my own, and now I'm raising my son, dealing with 5 different illnesses in 44 days, along with pursing a degree in pre-law and working. But really, Boone county Kentucky, could I please pay you to tell me how to raise my son that so that I may get a divorce from my cheating, lieing, filthy, lazy bastard husband?

I had a job interview yesterday. It went well. It lasted for 1.5 hours. I met the head honcho, which I can only imagine to be a big thing. The only problem? It's a 2nd shift job. Zander's daycare closes at 6, I wouldn't get off until 8. Mom has so generously offered to help, but it's just not right. Maybe that'd be okay for a few months, but that is her free time, and I don't want to take that away with making her raise my son. So I asked Nick, "What will your hours be when you transfer here?" "9-6" he replies. In my mind I'm thinking, "Okay, so I could pick Zander up from daycare at 5:50 (that would be my "lunch hour") and I could drop him off at Nick's and then pick him back up on my way home. Since Nick claims that he wants to see Zander every day what could be better? 2 hours every night. Well, nick's response to knowing that he couldn't get there to pick Zander up on time is, "Can't your mom get him?"

Yes, sure Nick, because she's the one that fathered this child...she's the one that brought him into the world, she's the one that said, "it will all be okay." Um, no. So it looks like even if I got the opportunity to do this job I would have to turn it down. Which is a darn shame because it's only 1$ less an hour than I want, it's 5 minutes from my folk's house, it's a large company which gives great opportunity for advancement, and best of all, they have paid holidays, vacations and BENEFITS.

Some days it's just not even worth getting up.

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  1. Anonymous Kris posted at 11:00 PM  
    Sorry you're having a tough time! (((hugs)))
  2. Blogger SheKnits posted at 11:30 AM  
    Why do men have to be so difficult?

    Sorry you're going through this all.

    Keeping you and Zander in my thoughts and prayers.
  3. Anonymous Melanie G. posted at 1:17 PM  
    Sorry things are rough. You'd think daycares would pump antibiotic through the vents! ugg.
    Take Care
    (ps- i found your blog while searching for my old blog addy. I'm melanie,from kenton county and I knit too.What a kwinky-dink)
  4. Blogger Pioggia posted at 11:22 PM  
    I'm sorry you're having a hard time. Maybe Nick will think it over and see that this is actually what he wants.

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