Sunday, January 08, 2006

2 steps forward 4 steps back

So I got nothing accomplished in knitting this weekend. Well, I completed one repeate of my river stole, but upon doing the second row in the next repeat I goofed. I put it down, becuase I really don't have the heart to rip back to my last lifeline, 2 repeats before. Maybe I can pick it up this week, when I'm (HA HA) more refreshed.

So then I decided I'd work on the sleeves to my classic cardigan. Wound two balls of yarn as I'll knit both sleeves at once, but then couldn't find the pattern. So much for that idea. So today I decided I'd complete the pismo hat to get it off my mind.

Look what Zander did.

Image hosted by
No needles, dropped stitches and a headache. I was so mad I couldn't even look at him. I don't think I'll ever be able to get it back on the needles. For those not familiar with the pattern it is k1,p1 ribbing. Any tips on how to get it back on the needles???
For now, I've put it on the top shelf in my closet. It is a "Dead" project to me, and I will not consider it a UFO. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to either attempt to fix it or frog it.

So that's my luck. Then I decided I'd cast on for the second sock of my pair of lorna's laces. I got about 30 minutes of knitting done on it and decided I was SOOOO over that pattern. I don't like it. I don't really like the way it looks all THAT much and size 1 needles??? Not today.

So as a final attempt to do something successful I cast on for a swatch of my rowanspun. Here's the result. This is on size 3 needles.

Image hosted by

See how "holey" it is?
No? How about now?
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This stuff is DEFINITLY NOT sweater yarn. With that said though.... I LOVE this stuff. it is light and airy and will become a shawl. If and when I finish the one I have started and the one I want to do next... but a sweater? Not so much. There is no way I'm bumping down to size 1 needles to make this yarn look semi substantial. What a bummer.

Lucky for me though, I have three shipments of yarn coming. 1 is from Ebay- I bought myself some yarn when I sold some stuff I didn't need anymore. the 2nd is from Elann. I bought it last night. I worked 6 hours of overtime and the overtime pay went to ME. And finally, some handspun yarn from Dan. Pictures to come of that... so anyway, my january goals are complete flops, but I'm glad to report that I am saying SCREW it to almost all my projects on the needles and I am going to cast on for a sweater when my yarn comes. SO THERE!

**Update: I found my pattern. I'm more organized than I thought. Go figure I should look with all my other pattern booklets. DUH.

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  1. Blogger Kara posted at 12:11 AM  
    Get out the dental floss and a needle. Go a few rows down and "sew" in a life line. Alternately if no stitches have been dropped you can run the life line through the live stitches. If you try to pick up without something to hold up the stitches, the next stitch may run. Having four kids, I'm quite accomplished at picking up the ribbing.
  2. Blogger Lina posted at 2:04 AM  
    Oh no! I'm sorry to hear you had so much trouble with your knitting last weekend :(

    Kara's suggestion sounds good, I'll have to remember that myself.
  3. Blogger Jen:) posted at 4:05 PM  
    Oh, my! Miss Gracie did this to me...I just gently pulled out each row until I made it to all live stitches (or only a few dropped and picked them up) and went back one more row, this time putting the freshly released stitches on the needle(s). You have to be very calm when you do this or you will make a bigger mess ;)
    Good luck!

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