Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dummy Dummy Dummy

This week at work has been trying. There are so many orders in house, that, for the 3rd week in a row, they're talking of working on Saturday. This is not such a big deal. I take the overtime hours gladly, if I can, but it makes for the regular work week to be sooo much more hectic. I'm working in the office this week. Helping out with callbacks (correcting mistakes that customers made, unavailable products, problems with their orders, etc.) Most people are quite nice, but there are some that are just out of this world rude, and it makes me wonder how they get up and survive each day.

So anyway, with the work week being crazy so far, I've kind of become ditzy and tired. I managed to forget about the sock exachange over at Allison's blog. The sign-ups were yesterday. I had been looking forward to them for a long time. Oh well.

In Knitting.... looks like the Twisty Turns has won hands down. Kris mentioned that doing math can be potentially disheartening (especially on a time crunch) and I think she's right... except the smallest size for the twisty turns in 36." HA! I'm 32." But I think (I haven't looked at the pattern yet) I can just shorten it. But it looks like that's what I'll be doing. Thanks everyone!!! And thanks Kara for offering to help on the math with the vest later. I think I'll take you up on that offer. :-)

I have been working on THE SCARF almost exclusively. It's been really good tension releasing, as this week has been filled with not fun "EX" things. He felt the need to tell me/brag to me about his first two "Sexual encounters" since the split. Yes, you read that correctly! What kind of inhumane man would do something like that? In a way, it's a good thing. It killed whatever feelings may have been leftover. As I type this I get nauseous just thinking of him. I swear karma will catch up to him one day. And for now, that's enough. And since he's resorted to sleeping around, I am looking forward to my custody hearing more and more everyday to do automatic childsupport withdrawls from his paycheck... at this rate, he will father more children at the end of the year.

Ugh. Can you believe people like this exist and that we are so blinded by them?!

By the way, Ex, as I know you read this... Could you please (for the 50th time) send my jewelry.
And maybe your son's christmas gifts too.


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