Thursday, January 05, 2006

If you know nothing....

... then know who you are.

I'm not the smartest person in the world. I don't claim to be, I don't really want to be, but I certainly am not going to tell people that I'm not if they think that I am. I won't lie, but I won't divulge either.

So since everyone at work seems to think so highly of my ability I won't say a word, not one single word. Perhaps I've just been lucky thus far. Perhaps my work ethic is helping me out. But I have permanant positions available in Shipping, customer service, and inventory in the Melting Pot.

I don't know where I'm going to work yet. I'm thinking shipping. Even though it's not the most exciting job, it is fast paced, it's not a boring desk job, you don't deal with whining customers and it's not in the lab so I won't get dirty. But it's close to the lab. And close to the cute boy. Even though I realize that a relationship won't devlop with said cute boy I can still enjoy looking at him. Yummy.

Anyway, knitting. The River Stole is the only thing I really have any desire to work on right now, and since it's lace it's not the most exciting thing to look at. So I'll get more creative with my photography for the next few weeks.

Image hosted by

That is the picture of the sweater from Vintage Knits that just makes me drool. Yummy.

I'm off to knit. I just put in 6.5 hours of overtime today, Zander is at his grandma's in Lexington for the night, and so I'm going to knit. I'm thinking I may cast on for the sleeves of the classic cardigan tonight. We'll see.

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  1. Blogger Pioggia posted at 4:05 PM  
    Your lace is coming out beautifully. I hope you enjoy the job, whatever you end up choosing.
  2. Blogger Nickerjac posted at 8:27 AM  
    The lace looks great. To right you can still look at yummy boy lifes to short not to have some fun

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