Saturday, January 21, 2006

Knitting Olympics

I have signed up for the Olympics. Kara stopped by and told me that she was knitting lace for The olympics. What a brave woman! Not in 16 days. No thanks. I'm so inspired by those that want to/are going to knit sweaters in 16 days. I want to knit something useful, and something that I can wear, but I KNOW I can not complete a sweater in 16 days. I can, however, (I think) knit a VEST. I have Sierra from knitpicks in burgundy that would make a nice fitted vest. And it's a bulky yarn, so it will be semi-quick for this knitter that has NO time. I think I'll swatch tomorrow. I'm going to make "Leftovers." Except the gauge is different and I won't be doing stripes. So that is why I will swatch: I will be doing some altering and will have to have a chance to sit down and do that math first. Yay.
I will need to get The Boy's scarf done yet, and I would be SOOO happy if I could finish the classic cardigan before I started the vest. I'll take one miracle at a time, but I'd even be please just to have all the pieces done, or maybe even just the sleeves done before the start of the olympics.

Among other good news... I have set up a new e-mail address. It will be a while before I get everything transfered over, and so I will publish the e-mail addy only then as I want to get caught up. I'm still in contact with Gmail to discover what happened (like I don't know what my lovely ex did) and I'm hoping I can get my address book info out of them at the very least. I'm glad it happened in a way, because things in the divorce are about to get really ugly in the next few weeks/months. And I have now changed my passwords to something no-one could guess. I guess that was the smart thing to do anyway, and maybe in a way I asked for it. It amazes me how much trust we put in people that we shouldn't.

Isn't divorce grand?

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  1. Blogger Kara posted at 11:39 PM  
    Have you seen JenLa's buttons? I requested a vest one for you. Here's the url to the blog:
  2. Blogger Melanie posted at 8:36 PM  
    HI Melanie :)

    If you really wanted to knit a sweater for the olympics Tubey from Knitty would be awesome. I've been eyeing it for sometime. Basically its a ribbed tube with a shrug attached. Thats how I see it

    Good Luck in the weeks to come with the divorce. Stay strong's almost over.

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