Sunday, January 15, 2006


You better believe it.

This was my find on CHEAP, good wool.

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13 balls. Enough to make *the* sweater in Vintage Knits. Too bad my swatch is over by 3/4 of a stitch. No seriously. It's supposed to be 16 sts=4." I got 16.75 stitches to 4." What would you do in this situation. It has cables on it. Would that help or hurt the swatch vs. real size of sweater?

So, um, do you think I need to go on a yarn diet?

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Don't answer until I show you what I got yesterday. Maybe I'll post that tomorrow.

So, um, the boy. Yeah, we definitly went out for a few drinks on Thursday night, and dinner Friday. EH HEM. Cute! ;-)

Posted by Melanie at 4:33 PM


  1. Blogger Lina posted at 1:17 AM  
    Yarn diet? What nonsense! Of course not! But I must admit that is a biiig pile :)

    Hope you get to have more dates with The Boy :)
  2. Blogger Pioggia posted at 4:36 PM  
    Make another swatch that includes the cables. If you have different types of cables include them all in your swatch, even if it ends up being an extra-wide swatch, that's the best way to do things. Good luck with the boy!
  3. Blogger SheKnits posted at 1:08 PM  
    I love reading about "The Boy" I see that as a title for a book. hmmmmm, need another project? LOL.

    I was wondering... what yarn is the lighter colored... lilac? Hopefully, lilac doesnt and looks like a nice hefty ball. Im one of those... buy b/c its pretty and you have money now type of person lately... and so..... money is burning a hole in my... ok.. plastic is burning a hole in my wallet.


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